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Chapter 48 - Clin3 - YTI Evening (4th term)

Abbreviation for twice a day bid
Side effects unique to the individual are called idiosyncratic
Classes of drugs are based upon their action in the body(what it does)
Name one example of antianxiety valium,xanax,librium
Abbreviation for three times a day tid
Abbreviation for kilogram kg
The 7 rights of medication administration are right pt.,right medication,right dose,right route, right time,expiration date, right documentation
Abbreviation for microgram mcg
Abbreviation for tablespoon T,tbsp
What act controls the manufacture and distribution of drugs that are capable of causing dependencies Controlled Substance Act(1970)
PRN medications are taken as needed
Most medications are produced synthetically
Abbreviation for tablet tab
Abbreviation for dispense disp
Name one example of antidiarrheal lomotil,kaolin with pectin
To help with pain and swelling, this common class of medications is often prescribed or puchased OTC anti-inflammatory analgesic
The section of federal government that is responsible for drug enforcement is the Drug Enforcement Administration
When a pt. takes a medication in a manner that it actually causes a psychological or physiological need, they have developed a chemical (blank) dependency
The class of medication that is administered to promote resistance or immunity to an infectious disease is called a(n) vaccine
Part of the Rx that tells how to mix and how much to give to the pt. subscription
Abbreviation for every other day qod
To prevent blood clots and possible emboli, a dr. might prescribe a anticoagulant(coumadin)
When a medication reduces fever, it is acting as a antipyretic
When a provider writes for (blank), it allows the pt. to get more medicine from the phamacy without having to come in for an appt. refills
The three names by which we refer to drugs are generic,brand,chemical
Abbreviation for gram g
As an MA, which 3 ways of parenteral medication administration will you perform intradermal,subcutaneous,intramuscular
The number of classes of scheduled medications five
What classification of drugs must be kept under lock and key controlled substances
Name one example of an anticoagulant coumadin & heparin
The type of medication that dilates the bronchi to improve breathing is called a bronchodilator
Part of the Rx that gives the name and dosage of the medication the inscription
The three classifications of drugs are prescription,nonprescription,contolled substances
Medication that neutralizes acid in the stomach is called antacid
Abbreviation for suppository supp
Abbreviation for intramuscular IM
Name one example of an antidiabetic insulin,glucophage
To help a pt. relax without sleeping, dr. would prescribe a(n) sedative(dalmane)
To help a pt. control diabetes, a dr might prescribe insulin
To help a pt. alleviate excess body fluid, a dr. might prescribe a(n) diuretic(lasix)
Abbreviation for without s with a line over it
Abbreviation for grain gr
An antibiotic that is effective against a large range of microorganisms is called a(n) broad spectrum anitbiotic
Abbreviation for Morning am,AM
Abbreviation for teaspoon tsp
Abbreviation for drops gtt
Abbreviation for intrvenous IV
Three examples of special instuction labeling by the pharmacist are take on an empty stomach,take with food,avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight
Abbreviation for potassium K
The study of drugs, their origins, characteristics, and effects is called Pharmacology
Someone who specializes in the preparation and dispensation of drugs is called a pharmacist
Abbreviation for injection inj
Medications that reduce nasal congestion and swelling are referred to as a(n) decongestant
The three BEST sources of reference for information on drugs are Physician's Desk Reference(PDR),Hospital Formulary,United States Pahrmacopia
Abbreviation for drop gt
Abbreviation for sublingual sl
Abbreviation for capsules cap
The class of medication that speeds up cardiac and pulmonary functions and is used to treat narcolepsy as well as ADHD is called a(n) stimulant
Part of the Rx that tells how pt. should take medication sig.,signa
When a non brand name medication has the same strength and action, it is said to be (blank) to the brand name bioequivalent
The three routes through which a medication may be given are oral,sublingual,parenteral
The class of medication that produces relaxation of the blood vessels to lower the blood pressure, such as nitroglycerine is called a vasodilator
Medications that are given prior to the onset of sx of a disease or condition, they are given prophylactically,as a prophylactic measure
To help a pt. recover from an infection(URI,UTI,ear) a dr might prescribe a(n) antibiotic(amoxicillin)
Medication that prohibits growth of microorganisms is called antibiotic
A dose of medication that is able to kill a pt. is called a lethal dose
Abbreviation for discontinue D/C,d/c
Abbreviation for elixir elix
Abbreviation for hour H
When a pt. experiences sx from a medication that are detrimental to the pt.'s health, these are called side effects
Abbreviation for milliliter mL
Abbreviation for day d
Abbreviation for diagnosis Dx
Abbreviation for every q
Nonprescription drugs are also known as Over the Counter(OTC)
Abbreviation for unit u
Abbreviation for weight wt
Abbreviation for four times a day qid
Abbreviation for milligram mg
Abbreviation for nothing by mouth NPO
Name one example of an antidepressant elavil,triavil
When a pt. takes the medication in a manner other than the prescribed directions, they are (blank) the drug abusing
The medical professionals authorized to prescribe medications are physicians,nurse practitioners,physcians assistants
Abbreviation for subcutaneous Subc,SubQ
If you believe a pt. is "shopping" around or abusing drugs,you should notify the physician
Abbreviation for ointment ung
What organization must a physician register with every three years DEA
Abbreviation for Iron Fe
Some factors contibuting to how a pt. reacts to a medication are their age,weight,method of administration,allergies,tolerance,intolerance
Doctor information that needs to be on a perscription are name,address,phone#,DEA#
Three major reactions to medications to look for are anaphylaxis,tolerance,habituation
Abbreviation for hour of sleep hs
When two medications chemically come into conflict to the point that it would cause harm to the pt., giving the two medications would be contraindicated
Name one example of an anticonvulsant dilantin,tegretol
The class of medications that have the highest potential for addiction and produce sleep or stupor while relieving pain narcotics
Part of the Rx that contains the pt. demographic information(name,address,age) the superscription
Abbreviation for every day qd,qday
An example of an antiemetic would be prochlorperazine,promethazineHCL(compazine,phenergan)
An example of an anticoagulant would be warfarin(coumadin)
An example of a cephalosporin would be cephalexin,cefazolin sodium(keflex,ancef)
An example of a antihypertensive would be metoprolol tartrate,methyldopa(lopressor,aldomet)
An example of an anticonvulasnt would be phenytoin sodium(dilantin)
An example of an antiarrythmic would be digoxin
An example of an antibiotic aminoglycoside would be gentamycin sulfate,neomycin sulfate(Garamycin,Neobiotic)
Medications that combine with & block the activity of a beta receptor to decrease the heart rate and lower high blood pressure and that are used especially to treat hypertension, angina pectoris, and ventricular and supraventricular arrhythmias are called beta blocker
Created by: YTIStudent09