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DHC terms

Beat Beat - a steady, underlying pulse
Rhythm Rhythm - a pattern performed over a beat
Duple Meter Duple Meter - a strong-weak feel feeling
Triple Meter Triple Meter - a strong-weak-weak feeling
Tempo Tempo - how fast or slow the beat or pulse goes.
Major Tonic Triad Major Tonic Triad - consists of Do-Mi-So or a 1st, 3rd, and 5th scale degree in major
Minor Tonic Triad Minor Tonic Triad - consists of La-Do-Mi or a 1st, 3rd, and 5th scale degree in minor
Dominant Dominant - The major V chord in major consisting of So-Re-Ti. (Fa can be included)
Harmony Harmony - Any simultaneous combination of tones, mostly arranged into chordal structures
Cadence Cadence - The end of a melodic or harmonic phrase in music
Forte Forte - Loud
Piano Piano - Soft
Mezzo Mezzo - medium
Crescendo Crescendo - gradually getting louder
Decrescendo Decrescendo - gradually getting softer
Key Signature Key Signature - A series of sharps or flats written just after the clef
Meter Signature Meter Signature - shows how many beats are in a measure and what rhythm symbol gets the beat
Ostinato Ostinato - A repeating motif, phrase, or pattern in music
Bass Line Bass Line - The root notes of the harmonies/chords in a piece of music
Diction Diction - How we pronounce and articulate words and vowels
Staccato Staccato - short, separated sound
Legato Legato - smooth, connected sound
Marcato Marcato - A note, chord, or passage that is forcefully louder than the music surrounding it
Accent Accent - A symbol showing that a note is louder than the notes surrounding it
Tenuto Tenuto - Indicates to play a note slightly longer or louder than it would normally be played
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