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Zoology cell study

Study guide for Zoology part 1- CELL TYPES

What are the two main types of cells? Prokaryotic and eukaryotic
What do prokaryotic cells lack and have few of? Membrane bound organelles/ Nucleus
What are some examples of prokaryotic cells and what 3 major shapes do they come in? Bacteria
What is different about a prokaryotic cell'a DNA? Found in a plasma circular stand
What are some functions of prokaryotic cells? Divided by membranes
How do eukaryotic cells differ from prokaryotic cells? Contains a nucleus
What are organelles? Little organ that have a specific function in the cell.
What are two types of eukaryotic cells? Plant and animal
What are the three general functions of the cell membrane? Regulate materials moving in and out of the cell. Separate the inside from the outside.
What is the nucleus and what does it consist of? Control center; tells the cell the type of proteins to make.
What does the term cytoplasm refer to? Cyto - cell plasm - fluid
What does the cytoplasm consist of ? Cytosol and organelles
The rough ER has what attached to it? This gives it it's texture. It acts as a pathway throughout the cell. Ribosomes
The rough ER has what attached to it? This gives it it's texture. These ribosomes manufacture what for the cell? Ribosomes, protein
Golgi body is responsible for packaging what for the cell? Once the proteins are produced by the what ER, they pass into the what like cisternae That are the main part of the Golgi body? Proteins, rough, and sack
These proteins are squeezed off into the little what which drift off into the cytoplasm? Blebs
Mitochondrion is the what of the cell? It is the site of what? Power house, cell respiration
Centrioles are only found in what cells? They function in the cell what? Animal, division
Cell walls are the what structure found surrounding what cells? They provide what for the plant? Rigid, plant, support
What are three types of fibers that make up the cytoplasm? Micro tubules, cilia, and flagella
Created by: Katwill678