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English lit terms

Microscope Lableing

Allegory When a story has another meaning that may tell something different that isn't obvious.
Allusion When something references something such as literature, a movie, an event, etc.
Antagonist Death Vader
Archetype Rafiki from the lion king as a sage
Charactonym Scar from the lion king
Chronological order When something is told in the sequence that it happened in time
Climax The point of highest action/intensity in which the main problem will go one direction or another
Comic Relief Tony Stark's comments in the avengers
Conclusion The result reached by the end of the story.
Conflict A problem/fight/disagreement between two things in a story
Dramatic irony When the reader/audience knows something the character doesnt
Exposition When the characters, setting, etc. Are introduced
External conflict Character vs another physical thing
Falling action After the climax when intensity lessens and questions are answered
Foreshadowing When something in a story hints at what will happen in a later event
Idiom It's raining cats and dogs
Imagery When words explain one of the five senses
Inciting incident/ initial incident The first action in the story that launches the conflict
Internal conflict When a character faces an idea/something inside
Irony When something is the opposite of what is expected, what is normal, etc.
Metaphor Comparison between to seperate things without using likegkor as
Mood Feeling reader gets while reading a story
Motif Something that repeats in a story. Such as a writing style, certain object, etc.
Personification When a nonliving thing is given living qualities in writing
Plot The storys action that takes place
Plot diagram Sequence of a story as shown by a picture in a mountain shape with rising action leading to the peak, the climax, and falling back to the bottom with falling action
Protagonist Luke skywalker, captain America, etc.
Pun What did the owner say to the dog that peed on the floor? Urine big trouble
Resolution The answer to the main conflict
Rising action Time in story Between exposition and climax when action intensifies to reach the climax
Setting Location and time period of the story
Simile He was as jolly as santa
Situational irony When the way an event does happen is opposite of what you would think
Suspense A moment of tension that makes you wonder what the result will be
Symbol When something in a story stands for something else. Usually stands for an idea.
Theme The main message that is conveyed by the author in a story
Tone The feeling in the story created by the author
Verbal irony When something is said that is opposite of expected/what you would think. (sarcasm)
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