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where can you find: WHEEL BUG/ASSASSIN BUG most likely in the forest, very shy insect
where can you find: SOLDIER BUG the prairie anywhere that goldenrod is found
where can you find: SPITTLE BUG (FROGHOPPERS) most likely in the prairie
where can you find: LADY BUG the prairie-anywhere that other insects are found
where can you find: MILKWEED BEETLE most likely in the prairie on milkweed plants
where can you find: APHID anywhere that there is a succulent plant you can and will find aphids
where can you find: KATYDID live in forests, thickets and anywhere you find shrubs
where can you find: DRAGON FLY nymph stage lives underwater. anywhere that there would be flying insects
where can you find: STINK BUG most likely where there are more plants
where can you find: HONEY BEE around flowering plants
what does the WHEEL BUG/ASSASSIN BUG eat? caterpillars, small flying insects, aphids, leafhoppers
what does the SOLDIER BUG eat? nectar and pollen, but can also eat small insects like, caterpillars, and aphids
what does the SPITTLE BUG (FROGHOPPERS) eat? plant juices, it might stunt the growth if the plant but does not kill it
what does the LADY BUG eat? any small insect, but the favorite is the aphid
what does the MILKWEED BEETLE eat? seeds and tissue of the milkweed plant. in captivity, the bugs feed on sunflower seeds
what does the APHID eat? uses it’s mouth part to suck the plant juices
what does the KATYDID eat? leaves on variety of plants
what does the DRAGON FLY eat? any flying insect, they are important in the food webs fo freshwater streams and lakes
what does the STINK BUG eat? some species are carnivorous will keep down your aphid population while many others attack plants, piercing the stalk with their beak to suck out the sap
what does the HONEY BEE eat? honey, workers hold nectar on their tongue until the liquid evaporates, creating honey
Created by: vbohl