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Ch7 Scott Foresman

4th Grade Science

hurricane a dangerous storm made up of swirling bands of thunderstorms with speeds at least 117 km/hr
Tropical depression a low pressure air mass that froms over warm water and has swirling winds that can be as strong as 61 km/hr
Tropical storm a low pressure air mass that forms over warm water and has swirling winds that are more than 61km/hr but less than 119 km/hr
Storm Surge water pushed ahead onto shore by a the winds outside the eye wall of a hurricane
What is the source of a hurricane's energy The transfer of the heat from the warm ocean water into the air
How does a hurrican cause damage Strong winds; flooding; mudlides; storm surges & strong waves
What types of information can hurricane model give? Strength, direction, and speed
Tornado a rapidly spinning column of air that comes down out of a thunderstorm cloud and touches the ground
Vortex a spinning funnel-shaped are in a fluid
Caracteristics of a tornado Forms over land; hundreds of METERS across; lasts only a few minutes
Characteristics of a hurricane forms over water; hundreds of KILOMETERS across; can last for days
tornado watch tornados are likely to form within a few hours
tornado warning a tornado has been detected on radar
dust devil column of whirling air - NOT A TORNADO - not part of a thunderstorm Common where columns of hot air rise
waterspout a rapidly spinning column of air over a lade or ocean. Usually weaker than tornados
Created by: czeponis