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Land Animals test 1

Name 2 of the three groups of land animals God created. 1. Livestock 2. Creeping Things 3. Beast of the Earth
On Day 7, God said His Work was very Good
People can be badly hurt when wild animals are kept as pets
Veterinarians are scientists that study animal behavior, habitats, anatomy, and the other animals.
In packs, male leaders are called Alpha Male
In packs, female leaders are called Alpha Female
God created land animals on day 6
Differences from reproduction from one kind result in different species
A predator chase, capture, and eats other animals
A Prey gets eaten by other animals
Getting animals used to people is known as habituation
Dogs communicate through body postures and facial expressions
Zoo curator runs a zoo
wildlife rehabilitator works for the government to care for ill, injured, or orphaned animals
Farrier cares for horses' hooves
animal control officer protects, captures, and care for animals
veterinarian works with injured and ill animals
Dominant gene It will win - its information will be used
zoonotic disease an illness you catch from animas
Created by: calbright