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Tragedy stack

Tragedy relating to WSS

Tragedy recounts a causally related series of events in the life of a person of significance, culminating in an unhappy catastrophe, the whole treated with dignity and seriousness
Aristotle claimed what to be the best example of tragedy? Sophocles's Oedipus Rex
What is the purpose of a tragedy? To arouse pity and fear and create a catharsis for these emotions.
What is the "soul of tragedy" that Aristotle claims? plot
Classical tragedy and Romantic tragedy both: emphasize the significance of a choice made by the protagonist but dictated by the protagonist's hamartia.
What was the first translation of a tragedy to english? Sackville and Norton's Gorboduc
What kind of tragedies did Shakespeare do? Revenge Tragedy, Domestic tragedy, and Chronicle Play
Tragic Flaw A flaw in the tragic hero that causes his or her downfall. Hamartia loosely used as synonym
Tragic Irony Form of dramatic irony in which a character uses words that mean one thing to the speaker and another to those better acquainted to the situation, especially when the tragic hero is in danger.
Hamartia To miss the mark- failure
Catharsis - Purification or purgation of emotions (pitied fear)through art - Absence of raw emotion
Spectacle Something exhibited to view as unusual, notable, or entertaining
Angst. relate to WSS a feeling of anxiety, apprehension, or insecurity <teenage angst>. angst causes fighting. release of anger and insecurity
Prejudice. relate to WSS preconceived judgment or opinion. racial discrimination
Tragic flaws in West Side Story Tony gave his life to be with the one he loved on the other side of the neighborhood
Tragic Irony in West Side Story When Tony thinks Maria is dead
Created by: myoung15