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NRTC Ch 10 11

AP Nervous System

CN I Olfactory
Division of Autonomic Nervous System that increases heart rate Sympathetic Nervous System
Impulse conducting cells of the nervous system neuron
Division of Autonomic Nervous System that increases intestinal motility Parasympathetic nervous system
Outer layer of Meninges Dura Mater
Middle layer of Meninges Arachnoid Mater
Tissue that insulates a neruon Myelin
Ring of muscle that adjusts pupil diameter iris
Vascular tissue layer of the eye that nurishes the retina and sclera choroid
2 parts of the CNS Brain and Spinal Cord
Tissue layer that sits on top of the Iris cornea
CN II Optic
CN X Vagus
CN VI Abducens
State in which a neuron cannot conduct a new impulse Refractory Period
Number of pairs of Spinal Nerves 31
Number of Pairs of Cranial Nerves 12
Midbrain, Pons, & Medulla are the parts of the ________ brainstem
Portion of the cerebrum responsible for "personality" Frontal Lobe
Nociceptors that stimulate a somatic sensory response Fast pain fibers
Ossicles of the middle ear malleus, incus, stapes
Areas of the ear responsible for balance semicircular canal and vestibule
Fibers that secrete acetycholine are called_________ cholinergic fibers
Pain from an organ that is misidentified as originating on the skin Referred Pain
Hemisphere of the brain responsible for math, science, and analysis Left Brain
Tissue that connects the left and right cerebral hemispheres corpus callosum
Tissue layer formed by neuroglia that prevents infection of the brain tissue Blood Brain Barrier
Brain structure that controls hunger and temperature regulation hypothalamus
Cerebral Lobe responsible for vision occipital
Cerebral Lobe responsible for hearing temporal
Tissue that secrets Cerebrospinal fluid choroid plexus of the ventricle
Bending of light rays to focus on a specific area of the retina Refraction
Photoreceptor responsible for color vision cones
photoreceptor responsible for night vision rods
Section of the brain responsible for emotional memory, anger, pleasure, rear and sorrow limbic system
Ridges in the cerebral tissue gyrus
shallow grooves in the cerebral tissue Sulcus
Deep groove between left and right cerebral hemisphere longitudinal fissure
Fuel of the nervous system found in CSF glucose
CN X Vagus
CN XI Spinal Accessory
CN XII Hypoglossal
Neuron Cell body Soma
Storage area of the neurotransmitters Synaptic Knobs
the process of an action potential moving down an axon Saltatory Conduction
CN III Oculomotor
CN IV Trochlear
CN V Trigeminal
Tail end of the spinal Cord (cauda equina) ends around lumbar space L1-L2
Area of the brain responsible for coordinated muscle movements Cerebellum
Large Tissue area of brain composed of grey and white matter Cerebrum
CN VII Facial
CN VIII Auditory
Fluid filling the posterior cavity of the eye vitreous humor
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