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KO govt. ap Final

Klein Oak Ap. Govt final

Uncontrollable Spending Parts of the budget that is comminted to national debt and it cannot be changed
cooperative federalism major shift in policital parties, realignment
critical elections election in which a realignment occurs
fiscal federalism national state and local government are working together on a project that is principally paid for by the national government
Horse-race journalism tendency of the news media to cover political races as contests instead of emphasizing the issues
"wall of seperation phrase of thomas Jefferson and refers to the seperation of church and state
amicus curiae end of a court brief, judicial lobbying [“A friend of the court.” Refers to interested groups or individuals, not directly involved in a suit, who may file legal briefs or make oral arguments in support of one side]
appointment of Supreme Court justices nominated by the president, approved my senate.
Bill of rights. what it contains, 1st amendment rights
block grants grant of money to states for multiple causes
Bureau of the Census Organization that does the Census every ten years
Characteristics of partisans and activists activists tend to be highly educated with relatively high income
cabinet by custom, the cabinet includes the heads of the fourteen major executive departments
categorical grants money given by the federal government to the states
checks on the power of the federal courts the ability of congress to impeach federal judges and the courts have no enforceent mechanism of their own
civil rights act of 1866 makes it possible for a citizen to sue for deprivation of civil rights under color of state law
civil service government workers who are not political appointees. Pendleton Act
commerce clause Congress has the power to regulate commerce among the states
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