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New Words

绘画 painting
应邀 at sb's invitation
做客 to be a guest
to hang up
技巧 skill
工整 neat
注重 to pay attention to
生动 lively
想像力 imagination
丰富 to enrich
简化 to simplify
发明 to invent
形体 shape
差别 difference
善待 to treat well
自然 nature
郊区 suburbs
小摊儿 stall
虫子 worm
to bite
窟窿 hole
干脆 simple and straightforward
to wash
to drop
幽默 humorous
农药 agricultural chemicals
讥笑 to sneer
中毒 to get poisoned
调查 to investigate
废水 waste water
稀有 rare
珍贵 valuable
灭绝 to become extinct
濒于 to be on the brink of
加强 to strengthen
管理 to manage
处理 to handle
检验 to examine
护士 nurse
往往 frequently
瓜子儿 melon seeds
诉说 to relate
不满 dissatisfied
简直 simply; at all
烦恼 to worry
注意 idea
假装 to pretend
车祸 car accident
抢救 to rescue
to be in a hurry
否则 otherwise
佩服 to admire
笨蛋 idiot
体格 physique
不幸 sad
通知 to give notice
飞快 very fast
危险 dangerous
任何 any
苦闷 depressed
失败 failure
足够 enough
犹豫 to hesitate
to receive
to put up; to paste
招聘 to advertise for
启事 notice
条件 condition
优秀 excellent
养活 to support
to pat
信心 confidence
几乎 almost
不由得 can't help doing sth
洪亮 loud and clear
慌忙 hurried
慌张 flurried
微微 faintly
渴望 to thirst for
善良 kind
真诚 sincere and true
流畅 easy and smooth
竞选 to enter into an election contest
热烈 warm
掌声 applause
Created by: leviwest
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