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Module 2

Infection Control/ Hand Hygiene/Sterile fields/Sterile gloving/debriefing room

What is an iatrogenic infection? A type of HAI that results from a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure. EX: pneumonia after a bronchoscopy or UTI from an indwelling catheter insertion
What is an HAI? (Healthcare associated infection) are those that develop as a result of contact with a healthcare facility/provider and the infection was not present or incubating at the time of admission
What two associations support patients rights to question healthcare workers of about infection control and prevention practices, including hand hygiene? The Joint Commission & National Patient Safety Goals
Why is it important for the patient and the family to thoroughly understand health procedures in the instance someone needs to be isolated Sometimes it is required for an infected patient to be isolated. Some persons from different futures view isolation as disrespectful and uncaring behavior; and any patient suffering mentally can have prolonged issues recovering
What are the 6 components involved in the chain of infection? infectious agent, reservoir, portal of exit, transmission, portal of entry, host susceptibility
Define asepsis The absence of pathogenic microorganisms
Define aseptic technique Refers to the practice/procedures that help reduce the risk for infection
What are the two types of aseptic technique? Medical & Surgical asepsis
Define medical asepsis Medical asepsis (clean technique) includes procedures used for reducing the number of organisms present and preventing the transfer of organisms such as: hand hygiene routine environmental cleaning
Define surgical asepsis Surgical asepsis (steril technique) includes procedures used to eliminate all microorganisms from an area. (EX. sterilization; sterilizing all equipment)
What are risk factors that can affect a persons susceptibility to infection Age, nutritional status, stress, presence of chronic disease, trauma, smoking, etc.
What are risk factors for healthcare acquired infections Exposure to microorganisms within a healthcare facility, patients length of stay, persons with chronic illness, compromised immunity
What is a localized infection? A (wound infection) the patient has symptoms, such as pain and tenderness and redness at the wound site
What is a systemic infection? Infections that affect the entire body instead of just a single organ or part These symptoms often include fever, fatigue, nausea/vomiting, and malaise.
What organization published guidelines for the set of precautions known as standard precautions? CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
What is the most basic and important technique in preventing and controlling transmission of infection Hand hygiene
Why are fake or long nails prohibited in the healthcare setting? Harbors microorganisms that could be transferred to the patient and cause infection
The recommended duration of lathering hands is how long? At least 15 seconds
When hands are visibly soiled, what method of hand hygiene is required? Washing hands with soap and water; friction
When hands are not visibly dirty what means of hand hygiene is required? Alcohol based hand rubs; sanitizers
What is an antiseptic rub Alcohol-based waterless antiseptic containing emollients
At which link in the chain of infection is hand hygiene primarily effective? Hand hygiene is primarily directed at breaking the mode of transmission in the chain of infection.
What is a sterile field? An area considered free of microorganisms; may consist of the inside of a sterile kit or tray, a work surface draped with a sterile towel or wrapper, or a table covered with a large sterile drape
If there is a break in the sterile field what action should you take? Start over and create a new sterile field
If you have created a sterile field and realize you run short of supplies what action should you take? Push the call button and allow another healthcare worker bring you the supplies you need
when do nurses apply sterile gloves Before performing sterile procedures such as inserting urinary catheters or applying sterile dressings
Does wearing sterile gloves ever replace the need for hand hygiene? NO
If one is allergic to sterile latex gloves, what is a good alternate? latex free or synthetic
Created by: amandamarie194