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Cranial Nerves NRTC

Chapter 10

CN 1 Olfactory
CN 2 Optic
CN 3 Oculomotor
CN 4 Trochlear
CN 5 Abducens
CN 7 Facial
CN 8 Auditory (vestibulocochlear)
CN 9 Glossopharyngeal
CN 10 Vagus
CN 11 Spinal Accessory
CN 12 Hypoglossal
What kind of nerve fiber is olfactory Sensory
What type of nerve fiber is optic Sensory
What type of nerve fiber is oculomotor Motor
What type of nerve fiber is trochlear Motor
What type of nerve fiber is trigminal Both
What type of nerve fiber is Abducens Motor
What type of nerve fiber is facial Both
What type of nerve fiber is auditory Sensory
What type of nerve is glossopharyngeal Both
What type of nerve is vagus Both
What type of nerve is spinal accessory Motor
What type of nerve is hypoglossal Motor
I lost my sense of smell and possibly my sense of taste....what nerve is damaged Olfactory
I lost my ability to see... what nerve is damaged Optic
I have a dilated pupil and my eyelids drooping... What nerve is damaged Oculomotor
I am seeing double and having problems moving my eye ball.... What nerves could be damaged Trochlear or abducens
I'm having pain in my face and I can't feel sensation in my lower jaw when I try to chew my food.... What nerve is damaged Trigeminal
Some of the muscles in my face are sagging and when I eat my food tastes strange... What nerve is damaged Facial
I've been dizzy and feel sick... What did you say? Ooh in sorry I'm so clumsy... What nerve is damaged Auditory
There is a bitter or sour taste in my mouth that won't go away... Sometimes I really have to concentrate to swallow and I choke often... What nerve is damaged Glossopharyngeal
My son had been having hoarsness of his voice but today when he woke up he couldn't talk and he had been having problems swallowing... What nerve is damaged Vagus
I was in a car wreck and I'm having problems moving my neck and I can't shrug my shoulders.... What nerve is damaged Spinal accessory
I'm habim pwuble papimg um iks hard poo fmaaaawwooo.... This patient was asked to put out his tongue and it was deviating to one side... What nerve is damaged Hypoglossal
If both branches of this nerve are severed you could die Vagus
I'm having you smell a cup of vanilla... What nerve an I testing olfactory
I'm checking your visual acuity and your peripheral vision... What nerve am I testing Optic
I'm testing your eyes with my pen light... I'm also making sure your eye lids are not droopy....What nerve am I checking Oculomotor
I'm checking your corneal reflex and using a pin to see if you feel this... I put something hot and then cold on you... What nerve am I checking Trigeminal
I'm checking to see if your eyeballs move in all directions and asking you about double vision... What nerves am I checking Trochlear and abducens
I've asked you to whistle frown smile and raise your eyebrows..I also put something on the posterior 2/3 of your tongue and asked you what it tastes like... What nerve am i testing Facial
Please stand on one leg... Walk along this line.... Tell me when you hear the beep... What nerve are we testing Auditory
I have checked gag reflex and observe for cough... I perform a taste test on the posterior 1/3 of the tongue... What nerves could i be testing Glossopharyngeal or vagus
I put my hands on your shoulders and have you shrug them against my resistance as well as turning your head side to side.... I'm testing what nerve Spinal accessory
I'm observing for tongue deviation when I ask my patient to stick out his tongue.... What nerve am I checking Hypoglossal
What is another way to say cerebral lateralization Contralateral
Do we use both sides of our brain Of course we do goon! Lol
What side of the brain are you using when you do math, science, or any kind of analytical thinking Left
What side of your brain are you using when your being creative and imaginative of artistic Right
What side of the brain is music associated with Right
If someone has paralysis on the right side of the body what side of the brain is affected Left
My left side of my body is my affected side so where is my brain affected Right
I'm having a emotional day... What side of my brain an I going to blame it on Right
Your sick of reading thease stacks and its making you mad It's not my fault your using the right half of your brain...see isn't that better you analyzed what you just read... You feel better already dont you... Left brainer
Created by: Annettekeith



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