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GEO - Five Themes

The Five Themes of Geography

What are the two parts that make up location? Absolute Location Relative Location
What one word describes Absolute Location? Exact
What two things are needed to find the Absolute Location? Latitude Longitude
What one word describes Relative Location? Compare (the location of one place COMPARED to the location of another place)
"Topeka: 39º 04' N Latitude 95º 69' W Longitude" is an example of what type of Location? Absolute Location
"Sonic is between Dollar General and Montana Mikes" is an example of what type of Location Relative Location
What one word best describes a Place? Unique (You know, like how you catch a unique rabbit.)
When you think of Colby, what makes us unique to many people? Oasis and fake palm trees (I'll buy the Starbucks when I win the lottery)
What one word helps to describe how a Region is different from a Place? Area
What two things are used to describe a Region? Physical Characteristics Human Characteristics
Physical Characteristics of a Region are... Natural
Human Characteristics of a Region are... Man-made
What are the three types of Movement? Movement of People Movement of Goods Movement of Ideas
The one word that describes Human-Environment Interaction is... Relationship
What are the three things we look at when we study Human-Environment Interaction? Ways people USE their environment Ways people CHANGE their environment The CONSEQUENCES that result from these changes
What are the Five Themes of Geography? Location Place Region Movement Human-Environment Interaction
"Manhattan, Kansas is in the Flint Hills, is a college and military town, and is by Tuttle Creek Lake" is an example of... Place
"The High Plains, The Heartland, and the Pacific Northwest" are examples of... Region
Immigrants leaving one country to go to another is an example of... Movement
The spreading of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is an example of... Movement
Irrigation wells, terracing fields, and pollution are examples of... Human-Environment Interaction
Created by: ColbyHistory