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Nursing Today

Founders of nursing/education/influences/roles

Discuss the historical evolution of nursing Hospitals originally were not sanitary; people were typically thrown together in overcrowded wards; nurses did not practice infection control. Due to Nightingale's influence, standards of care have dramatically increased& now maintains high quality care
Discuss the role of men in nursing Initially men treated injured soldiers on the front lines in war; the industrial revolution brought change- men left to work in factories for more $; nursing dominated by women; ban on male nurses lifted in 1982; encouragement of male nurses-diversity
Identify the themes in the definitions of nursing Advocacy& promotion of health, prevention of illness& injury, alleviation of suffering, care of ill, disabled, and dying
What are the different roles of a nurse? autonomy, caregiver, teacher, communicator, advocate, counselor, leader
What is autonomy? the independent authority to make decisions within your scope of experience
Describe how a nurse acts as a caregiver by providing healing through both physical and interpersonal skills
Describe how a nurse acts as a teacher by explaining different concepts & facts of about health, describe the reason for routine care activities, demonstrate procedures such as self care activities,reinforce learning or patient behavior
Describe how a nurse acts as a communicator central to the nurse-patient relationship; knowing your patients strengths, weaknesses and needs; routinely communicate with patients, patients families, other nurses and healthcare professionals and the community
Explain how a nurse acts as a counselor Reinforces the need to know your patients including their strengths and weaknesses; may counsel patients on medications that they are uninformed about, etc.
Explain how a nurse acts as a leader By coordinating self-care activities, organizing care plans essential for patients well being, lead by example through advocating healthy lifestyles
Explain how a nurse is an advocate Nurses promote healthy lifestyles; protect patients legal and human rights; provide assistance in asserting these rights when needed; act on patients behalf; stand up for patients
What are the 4 core roles for the APRN? 1. Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) 2. Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP) 3. Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) 4. Certified RN anesthetist (CRNA)
Define Clinical Nurse Specialist An APRN who is an expert clinician in a specialized area of practice (i.e. OB/GYN, ER, geriatrics,etc.)
Define Certified Nurse Practitioner An APRN who provides care to a group of patients usually in an outpatient, ambulatory care, or community based setting
Define Certified Nurse Midwife An APRN who is also educated in midwifery& is certified by the american college of nurse-midwives
Define Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist An APRN with advanced education in a nurse anesthesia accredited program
Recognize factors influencing contemporary nursing practice Healthcare reform, technology, demographic changes, population, medically underserved, nursing shortage
Describe the various education pathways in nursing LVN:1 year program, ADN:2 yr program, BSN:4 yr program, Masters and PhD
Discuss licensure of RNs RNs must pass the NCLEX-RN exam to obtain license to practice; administered by state board of nursing, NCLEX is the same in every state in the US
Discuss certifications of RNs Certifications are specialties nurses focus on for their practice Ex: OB/GYN or pediatrics
Explain how nursing education affects nursing practice You will use critical thinking skills in your practice; you will implement intellectual and professional standards in the clinical setting
Describe the socialization process of nursing Benner's Model: Consists of 5 diff, stages- Stage 1: Novice, Stage 2: Advanced beginner, Stage 3: Competent, Stage 4: Proficient, Stage 5: Expert; subject to change when you move departments or change specialty
Who was Florence Nightingale? She is credited with identifying the link between uncleanliness and disease/mortality; improved hospital environments& raised standards of care; sanitation;vestablished the first nursing school (for women)
Who was Clara Barton? The founder of the Red Cross during the Civil War; tended soldiers on the battlefield: cleansing wounds, meeting basic needs, and comforting them during death
Who were Lillian Wald & Mary Brewster They opened Henry Street Settlement; focused on health needs of poor people who lived in tenements in NYC; nurses in HSS first to demonstrate autonomy
What did Margaret Sanger contribute to nursing? She introduced contraceptives
What was Mary Carson Breckinridge's focus/ contribution to nursing? Focused on access to health; brought healthcare to those who were isolated; frontier nursing woman
Who was Mary Adelaide Nutting She was instrumental int he affiliation of nursing education with universities; first female professor @ university of columbia teachers college in 1906
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