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Medical Terminology3

alveol/o alveolus
aora/o aorta
append/o; appendic/o appendix
aur/o ear
balan/o glans penis
cerebell/o cerebellum
chondro/o cartilage
cost/o ribs
coron/o heart
colp/o vagina
cyan/o blue
duoden/o duodenum
epiglott/o epiglottis
enter/o intestines
esthesi/o sensation
ger/o old age
hypophys/o pituitary gland
iatr/o treatment
ile/o ileum
jejun/o jejunum
lymph/o lymph
lymphaden/o lymph gland
lymphangi/o lymph vessel
metri/o uterus
myring/o tympanic membrane
nas/o nose
obstetr/o pregnancy, childbirth
odont/o tooth
onc/o tumor
o/o egg
or/o mouth
onych/o nail
opthalmo/o; opt/o; optic/o; ocul/o eye, vision
orch/o; orchi/o; orchid/o testis
ped/o child
pancreat/o pancreas
proct/o anus, rectum
phren/o diaphragm
phak/o lens
pil/o hair
pyel/o renal pelvis
rect/o rectum
retin/o retina
rheumat/o watery flow
splen/o spleen
spondyl/o vertebra
stomat/o mouth
ten/o tendon
trich/o hair
tympan/o eardrum
vas/o vessel
-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
-graphy process of recording
-lysis separation, breakdown, destruction
-plasty surgical repair
-rrage; -rrhagia excessive discharge of blood
-sclerosis hardening
-section to cut
-stasis to stand, place, stop, control
-stomy opening
-tension pressure
-therapy treatment
-trophy nourishment, development
-uria condition of urine
quadri- four
syn- with, together
tachy- fast
tri- three
ultra- beyond
uni- one
Na sodium
NB newborn
NGT nasogastric tube
NICU neonatal intensive care unit
NKA no know allergies
NPO nothing by mouth
NSAID nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
NV nausea and vomiting
OA osteoarthritis
OB obstetrics
OR operating room
ORIF open reduction internal fixation
os mouth
OT occupational therapy
p after
P posterior, pulse, pupil
palp palpation
pc after meals
PE physical exam; pulmonary embolus
PMH past medical history
PERRLA pupils equal, round & reactive to light & accommodation
PFT pulmonary function test
post-op after operation
po by mouth
PPD purified protein derivative
pre-op before operation
prn as needed
pt patient
PT physical therapy
PSA prostate specific antigen
PVD peripheral vascular disease
q every
qh every hour
q2h every 2 hours
qid four times a day
R, r right; respiration
RA rheumatoid arthritis; right atrium
RBC, rbc red blood cell
RLQ right lower quadrant
R/O, r/o rule out
RR respiratory rate
RUQ right upper quadrant
Rx treatment; therapy; prescription
s (with a small line over) without SARS - severe acute respiratory syndrome
SIDS sudden infant death syndrome
SOA shortness of air (do not use SOB)
S/P; s/p status post
SQ; subq subcutaneous
STAT; stat immediately
S1-S5 sacral vertebrae
T1-T12 thoracic vertebrae
S/S; s/s; SX signs & symptoms
SZ seizure
T temperature, time
T&A tonsillectomy & adenoidectomy
tab tablet
TB tuberculosis
TM tympanic membrane
TPR temperature, pulse, respiration
TIA transient ischemic attack
tid three times a day
Tx treatment
UA urinalysis
UO urinary output
URI upper respiratory infection
UTI urinary tract infection
VRE vancomycin resistant Enterococcus
VS vital signs
WBC white blood cell count
WNL within normal limits
WT; wt weight
W/C wheelchair
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