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How do you treat thrush? nystatin suspension
Whats intussusception? currant jelly stools, sausage shaped mass
Congenital / Hirschprungs' disease absence ganglion, ribbon like stools
What diet for diarrhea? BRAT = bananas, rice, apple, tea
Celiac disease fat/gluten intolerance, s/s: diarrhea, bulky stools, infections, avoid BROW, give ADEK.
PKU no phenylalanine, give Lofenolac, no meats, fish, legumes, nutrasweet
When is cleft lip repaired? 2 months
What restrained with cleft lip? elbow
When is cleft palate repaired? 18 mo
What does impetigo look like? honey crusted lesions caused by strep A
Who gets trated if child has pinwomrs? the whole family with Vermox, repeat in 2-3 weeks
Cerebral palsy s/s abnormal muscle tone and lack of coordination, goal is to maximize child's capabilities
Hydrocephalus s/s bulging fontanel, sunset eyes, tx w VP shunt
Spina bifida prevent it by gicing folica acid in pregnancy, avoid pressure to sac, most sterile dressings, tx: surgery
Where is the paralysis with spina bifida? below the defect with bowerl/bladder dysfunction
What do you teach with spina bifida? straight cath for residual urine
What is the pt with spina bifida highly at risk for? rubber allergy
Who is at risk for down syndrome? old mothers
What does lead posining lead to ? cognitive impairment and anemia, do routine screening at 12 mo, tx: iron, chelating agents, up fluids
duchenne's muscular dystrophy x linked, lack of muscle in lower limbs, gower sign: used hands and arms to walk up the body
What meds are given with seizures? Anticonvulsants suich as Phenytoin (Dilantin), Phenobarbital, Keppra, Depakote
Reye's syndrome linked w ASA use, varicella/influenza, do not give ASA in kids under 18, tx: mannitol, diuretics, barbiturates
Hemophilia x linked, prevent and monitor for bleeding
Leukemia ALL, AML , prevent infection
How is chicken pox spread and what precautions? spread by direct contact or air droplet , airborne precautions
How is rubeola/measles spread and what precautions? spread by aerosolized droplets, airborne precautions (Spiderman)
What are the s/s of rubeola/measles? koplik spots rasg appears day 4
How is rubella/GERMAN measles spread and what precautions? aerosolized droplets, airborne precautions (My chicken hez tb)
Rheumatic fever s/s heart, joints, skin and subq tissues, tx: if untreated could lead to rheumatic heart disease
What precautions are used with Rheumatic fever? droplet (Mrs Wee)
How is mono or kissing disease spread? epstein bar virus
what is Hodgkin disease and how is it identified? cancer of the lymph system, sternberg cells
At what spine curvature does scoliosis need tx? 25-45 degree, over 45 Harrington rod placement needed
Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis swimming is best, asa drug of choice, nsaids and prednisone is used, goal is to limit deformity
How is scarlet fever transmitted and what precautions? s/s? transmitted via direct or indirect contact and droplet, droplet precautions, fever, rash, strawberry tongue.
Erythema infectiosum (5th disease) slapped face, parvo virus b19, droplet precautions, not to be cared for by pregnant women
What teaching is to be done on asthma? triggers and MDI
What us vesicoureteral reflux? backword flow of urine from bladder into the kidneys
What are the s/s of glomerulonephritis? gross hematuria and proteinuria, care: maintain fluid restrictions, protective iso, tx: penicillin, lasix, antihypertensives
How are UTI tx? gansitrin (sulfisoxazole), macrodantin (nitrofurantoin)
How is rota virus transmitted? oral-fecal route
What are 2 things checked with tonsillectomy? bleeding - freq swallowing, stridor
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