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A&P Word Forms Set 4

Foreign Word RPSC Forms

-phylaxis a guard; prophylaxis
physio- nature; physiology
-plasia formation; dysplasia
platy- flat; platysma
-plegia a blow, paralysis; paraplegia
-plexy to strike; apoplexy
pneum- air; pneumotaxic center
pod-/podo- foot; podocyte
-poiesis making; hemopoiesis
poly- many; polysaccharide
post- after; postanal
pre- before; precapillary sphincter
presby- old; presbyopia
pro- before; prophase
procto- anus; proctology
pterygo- wing; pterygoid
pulmo- lung; pulmonary
pulp- flesh; pulpitis
pyel- trough or pelvis; pyelitis
quadr- one quarter; quadriplegia
re- back, again; reinfection
retro- backward; retroperitoneal
rhin- nose; rhinitis
-rrhage to burst forth;hemorrhage
-rrhea flow, discharge; amenorrhea
sacro- flesh; sacromere
scler-/sclero- hard; sclera
-scope to view; coloscope
-sect to cut; transect
semi- half; semitendinosus
-septic putrid; antiseptic
-sis state or condition; metastasis
som-/-some body; somatic
spino- spine, vertebral column; spinothalamic pathway
stalsis- contractile; peristalsis
sten- a narrowing; stenosis
-stomy mouth, opening; colostomy
stylo- stake, pole; styloid process
sub- below; subcutaneous
super- above or beyond; superficial
supra- on the upper side; supraspinous fossa
syn- together; synthesis
tachy- swift; tachycardia
telo- end; telophase
tatra- four; tetralogy of Fallot
therm-/thermo- heat; thermoregulation
thorac- chest; thoracentesis
thromb- clot; thrombocyte
-tomy to cut; appendectomy
tox- poison; toxemia
trans- through; transudate
tri- three; trimester
tropho- nutrition; trophoblast
trophy- nourishment; atrophy
-tropic turning; adrenocorticotropic
tropo- turning; troponin
uni- one; unicellular
uro-/-uria urine; glycosuria
vas- vessel; vascular
zyg- yoke; zygote
Created by: vbartgis
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