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A&P Word Forms Set 3

Foreign Word RPSC Forms

karyo- body; megakaryocyte
kerato- horn; keratin
kino-/-kinin to move; bradykinin
lact-/lacto/-lactin milk; prolactin
lapar- flank or loins; laparoscopy
-lemma husk; plasmalemma
leuk-/leuko- white; leukemia, leukocyte
liga- to bind together; ligase
lip-/lipo- fat; lipoid
lith- stone; cholelithiasis
lys-/lyso- a loosening; hydrolysis
macr- large; macrophage
mal- abnormal; malabsorption
mammilla- nipple; mammillary
mast-/mastro- breast; mastoid
mega- big; megakaryocyte
melan- black; melanocyte
men- month; menstrual
mero- part; merocrine
meso- middle; mesoderm
meta- after, beyond; metaphase
micr- small; microscope
mono- single; monocyte
morph-/morpho- form; morphology
multi- much, many; multicellular
-mural wall; intramural
myelo- marrow; myeloblast
myo- muscles; myofilament
narc- to numb or deaden; narcotics
nas- nose; nasolacrimal duct
natri- sodium; natriuretic
necr- corpse; necrosis
nephyr- kidney; nephron
neur-/neuri-/neuro- nerve; neuromuscular
oculo- eye; oculomotor
odont- tooth; odontoid process
-oid form, resemblance; odontoid process
oligo- little, few; oligopeptide
-ology the study of; physiology
-oma swelling; carcinoma
onco- mass, tumor; oncology
oo- egg; oocyte
opthalm- eye; opthalmic nerve
-opia eye; myopia
orb- a circle; orbicularis oris
orchi- testis; orchiectomy
orth- correct, straight; orthopedist
-osis state, condition; neurosis
ost-/oste-/osteo- bone; osteocyte
oto- ear; otolith
para- beyond; paraplegia
path-/-pathy/patho- disease; pathology
pedia- child; pediatrician
per- through, throughout; percutaneous
peri- around; perineurium
phago- to eat; phagocyte
-phasia speech; aphasia
-phil/-philia love; hydropholic
phleb- a vein; phlebitis
-phobia fear; hydrophobic
phot-/photo- light; photoreceptor
Created by: vbartgis