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A&P Word Forms Set 2

Foreign Word RPSC Forms

dendr- tree; dendrite
dent- teeth; dentition
derm- skin; dermatone
desmo- band; desmosome
di- twice; disaccharide
dia- through; diameter
digit- a finger or toe; digital
dipl- double; diploid
dis- apart, away from; disability
diure- to urinate; diuresis
dys- painful; dysmenorrhea
-ectasis expansion; atelectasis
ecto- outside; ectoderm
-ectomy excision; appendectomy
ef- away from; efferent
emmetro- in proper measure; emmetropia
encephalo- brain; encephalitis
end-/endo- within; endometrium
entero- intestine; enteric
epi- upon; epimysium
erythema- flushed (skin); erythematosis
erythro- red; erythrocyte
ex- out of, away from; exocytosis
extra- outside of, beyond, in addition; extracellular
ferr- iron; transferrin
fil- thread; filament
-form shape; fusiform
gastr- stomach; gastrointestinal
-gen/-genic to produce; mutagen
genicula- knee-like structure; geniculates
genio- chin; geniohyoid
gest- to bear; gestation
glosso-/-glossus tongue; hypoglossal
glyco- sugar; glycogen
-gram record; myogram
gran- grain; granulocyte
-graph/-graphia to write, record; electroencephalograph
gyne-/gyno- woman; gynecologist
hem-/hemo- blood; hemopoiesis
hemi- one half; hemisphere
hepato- liver; hepatocyte
hetero- other; heterozygous
histo- tissue; histology
holo- entire; holocrine
homeo- similar; homeostasis
homo- same; homozygous
hyal-/hyalo- glass; hyaline
hydro- water; hydrolysis
hyo- U-shaped; hyoid bone
hyper- above; hyperpolarization
hypo- under; hypothyroid
hyster- uterus; hysterectomy
-ia state or condition; insomnia
idi- one's own; idiopathic
in- within, or denoting negative effect; inactive
infra- beneath; infraorbital
inter- between; interventricular
intra- within; intracapsular
ipsi- itself; ipsilateral
iso- equal; isotonic
-itis inflammation; dermatitis
Created by: vbartgis