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A&P Word Forms Set 1

Foreign Word RPSC Forms

a- without; avascular
ab- from; abduct
-ac pertaining to; cardiac
acr- extremity; acromegaly
ad- to, toward; adduct
aden-/adeno- gland; adenoid
adip- fat; adipocytes
aer- air; aerobic metabolism
-al pertaining to; brachial
alb- white; albino
-algia pain; neuralgia
allo- other; allograft
ana- up, back; anaphase
andro- male; androgen
angio- vessel; angiogram
ante- before; antebrachial
anti-/ant- against; antibiotic
apo- from; apocrine
arachn- spider; arachnoid
arter- artery; arterial
arthro- joint; arthroscopy
astro- star; astrocyte
atel- imperfect; atelectasis
aur- ear; auricle
auto- self; autonomic
baro- pressure; baroreceptor
bi- two; befurcate
bio- life; biology
-blast precursor; osteoblast
brachi- arm; brachiocephalic
brachy- short; brachydactyly
brady- slow; bradycardia
bronch- windpipe, airway; bronchial
carcin- cancer; carcinoma
cardi-/cardio heart; cardiac
-cele tumor, hernia, or swelling; blastocele
-centesis puncture; thoracocentesis
cephal- head; brachiocephalic
cerebr- brain; cerebral hemispheres
cerebro- brain; cerebrospinal fluid
cervic- neck; cervical vertebrae
chole- bile; cholecystitis
-chondrion granule; mitochondrion
chondro- cartilage; chondrocyte
chrom-/chromo- color; chromatin
circum- around; circumduction
-clast broken; osteoclast
coel-/-coel cavity; coelom
colo- colon; colonoscopy
contra- against; contralateral
corp- body; corpuscle
cortic- rind or bark; corticospinal
cost- rib; costal
cranio- skull; craniosacral
cribr- sieve; cribriform
-crine to separate; endocrine
cut- skin; cutaneous
cyan- blue; cyanosis
cyst-/-cyst sac; blastocyst
cyt- a hollow cell; cytology
de- from, away; deactivation
Created by: vbartgis