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Comp predictor

what is FFP (plasma) used for? prothrombin time (clotting factors)
what does a flattening t wave indicate hypokalemia
what manifestations would you expect with pericarditis? dyspnea and tachypnea, reluctant to take deep breaths d/t pain on inspiration
what are right sided heart failure s/s? rest of body- peripheral edema
what are left sided heart failure s/s? lungs- dyspnea
acute angina attack s/s PMI- point of maximal impulse
correct positioning for vein ligation and stripping for varicose veins elevate legs (15 degrees)
type II DM cells resistant to insulin
type I DM pancreas doesn't produce insulin
SIADH hypernatremia or hyponatremia? hyponatremia, too much water, retain water
Somogyi effect interventions check blood sugar at night d/t release of stress hormones while sleeping because of low blood sugar
early manifestations of hypoglycemia drowsiness, fatigue, h/a, shaking, nausea
manifestations of hyperglycemia dry mouth, anorexia, polyuria
DKA- lab work negative urine acetone or HCO3 level 12? HCO3 less than 15 mEq/L indicates metabolic acidosis
pathophysiology of acromegaly, result of excessive production of what hormone? somatotropin
thyroidectomy s/s to report to MD tachycardia and htn- unexpected POSITIVE chvostek & trousseau's sign is hypocalcaemia stridor and hoarse voice
symptoms of graves dx difficulty sleeping and anxiety, diarrhea, heat intolerance, increased appetite
what is graves dx hyperthyroidism (bulging eyes-exophthalmos)
thyroid storm s/s fever, htn, tachycardia, abd pain
skin manifestations of Addison's bronze pigmentation, exposed and unexposed skin
skin manifestations of SLE butterfly rash across bridge of nose
Addison's disease affects what gland adrenal gland (deficiency) too little
skin manifestations of Cushing's disease purple striae on chest and abd
what should a DM pt have on them during exercise medical alert bracelet and don't exercise if BS over 250
s/s of DI polyuria
glucocorticoids have a urine retention or diuretic properties? retention
glucocorticoids are administered after adrenalectomy why to compensate for the decrease after surgery to replace the cortisol
s/s hyperglycemia increased osmotic diuresis and increased urination
risk for what condition when taking corticosteroids osteoporosis
what is aplastic anemia a reduction in all the blood components ( WBC, RBC, platelets)
what does creatinine clearance evaluate? renal function- 24 hour urine test
what is phenochromocytoma tumor of adrenal gland
what is the appropriate test for phenochromocytoma VMA 24 hour urine test
removal parathyroid glands shows a decrease in the serum calcium hyperparathyroidism- increase in calcium levels
Addison's disease requires a diet high in what? salt, carbohydrates, and protein
Addison's disease requires a diet low in what? potassium
open angle glaucoma interventions no decongestants- increase pressure impaired night vision- loss of peripheral vision- laser surgery
sore throat, pressure in the ear, decreased hearing, and mild dizziness alternation to which structure in ears middle- URI
mannitol desired effect increased urine output
ICP vital signs expectations widening pulse pressure, decreased HR, increased Temp ex 160/65, HR 68
myasthenia gravis are at risk for what? aspiration- need suction equipment
LASIK halos and glaring when driving
autonomic dysreflexia (spinal cord injury) SEVERE HEADACHE BLADDER RETENTION
swimmer's ear prevention intervention instill diluted alcohol into ear after swimming
extreme polyuria, what lab test specific gravity
guillian- barre syndrome s/s ascending weakness and paralysis acute inflammatory response
mastoiditis palpation to assess for tenderness
lumbar puncture and bacterial meningitis lab findings elevated protein in CSF
decerebrate positioning rigid extend of all extremities
left side CVA language deficits
right side CVA impulse control
signs of detached retina floaters, flashes of light
signs of angle closure glaucoma eye pain and blurred vision
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