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Exam 1

Nur 118

You are participating in a clinical care coordination conference for a pt w terminal ca. A non-nursing colleague ask for you to tell them about the nurses code of ethics. your response would be? Defines the principle of right and wrong to provide pt care.
An 18 yr old women is in the ER w fever/cough. The RN obtains V/S, auscultates her lungs sounds, listens to her heart sounds, collects blood and determines her level of care. Which standard of practice is preformed? The type of standard practice being preformed is an ASSESSMENT
A pt in the ER has developed wheezing/SOB. The nurse gives the ordered neb tx and will again in 4hrs. Which standard of practice is preformed? The type of standard practice being preformed is called IMPLEMENTATION.
Define the standards of care for nursing practice. The standard of practice describe a competent level of nursing care. The levels of care are demonstrated by the critical thinking in the nursing process:assessment,diagnosis, outcome identifiers, planning, implementation and evaluation.
State the nursing activities/actions with nursing autonomy Independent nursing: Implementing a nursing intervention without the use of a medical order; example-RN independently initiates cough/deep breathing for a pt who has had a recent surgery. Dependent nursing: Dependent on medical orders.
Define the purpose of the Nurse Practice Act. The purpose of the NPA is to regulate the scope of nursing practice and protect public health, safety and welfare. Establish specific legal regulations for practice, and professional organizations.
Caregiver Role As a _______, you can help patient's maintain and regain health, manage disease and symptoms, and attain a maximal level of function/independence through the healing process. You provide
Assessment The RN collects comprehensive data pertaining to the patient's health and or situation.
Diagnosis The RN analyzes the assessment data to determine the diagnosis or issues.
Outcomes Identifiers The RN identifies expected outcomes for a plan individualized to the patient care/situation.
Planning The RN develops a plan that prescribes strategies and alternatives to attain expected outcomes.
Implementation: a. The RN implements the identified plan by: a.Coordination of care: the RN coordinates care delivery.
Implementation: c. c. Consultation: The graduate level prepared specialty nurse or the ADPN provides consultation to influence the identified plan, enhance the abilities of others and effect change.
Implementation: d d. Prescriptive authority and TX: The ADPN uses prescriptive authority, procedures, referrals, TX's, and therapies in accordance with the state and federal laws and regulations.
Evaluations The RN evaluates progress toward attainment of outcomes.
Implementation: b b. Health Teaching and Health Promotion: The RN uses strategies to promote health and a safe environment
Autonomy Is an essential element of professional nursing that involves the initiation of independent nursing intervention without medical orders.
Accountability means that you are responsible, professionally and legally for the type/quality of nursing care provided. Must keep current and competent in nursing/scientific knowledge and technical skills.
Advocate As a patient's ______, you will protect the patient's human and legal rights, and provide assistance in asserting these rights. you will act on the patient's behalf and secure the patients rights and stand up for them.
You are caring for a pt w end stage lung disease. the pt wants to go home w o2. the family wants the pt to have a new surgical procedure. you explain the risk/benefits w the family and the pt regarding the procedure. You are acting as the pt's?
What is nursing?
Created by: slittlefield13