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Federalism Five

How does death penalty illustrate diversity in public policy as it exists within federalism? If the citizens of Texas wish to have a death penalty, they can vote for politicians who support it, even if other states move to abolish the death penalty.
How does federalism promote policy innovation? States overflow with reforms, new ideas, and new policies. They constitute a national laboratory to develop and test public policies, and they share the results with other states and the national government.
What is true of nearly every policy of the national government? Almost every policy that the national government has adopted its beginnings in the states.
Provide specific examples of the above (What is true of nearly every policy of the national government?). One or more states pioneered child labor laws, minimum-wage legislation, unemployment compensation, antipollution legislation, civil rights protections, and the income tax.
Provide two specific examples of when the states acted contrary to the federal government. Many states raised minimum wage when Congress did not, and some states funded stem cell research after George W. Bush severely restricted it on the federal level.
Provide TWO disadvantages reflected in diversity of policy. States differ in the resources they can or will devote to services like education. Diversity in policy can also discourage states from providing services that they might otherwise provide.
Provide one reason the Founders established a federal system. To allay the fears of those who believed that a powerful and distant central government would tyrannize the states and limit their voice in government.
Beyond policy diversity, explain four ways federalism contributes to American democracy. It decentralizes politics, reduces decision making and conflict at the national level, more opportunities for participation in politics, and increases access to government.
Provide two reasons for the growth of the national government throughout US history. Industrialization and urbanization
Created by: Matti