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8 Sci Ch 1 Test 1

aquifer area of ground water collected in a layer of rock or soil
artesian well "self-pumping" well
atoms most basic units of matter
basic substance having a pH of 8
bedrock layer of solid rock below the soil
capillarity upward movement of water through a tiny space in response to surface tension
compounds substances composed of two or more elements bonded together
data facts
decompose breakdown of organisms' particles
density measures how tightly packed matter
elements substances composed of only one type of atom
humus substance composed of decayed organisms particles
hypothesis sensible explanation to a scientific problem
law theory that has never been proven false
loam type of sol that contains a mixture of sand, silt, clay & humus
mass measures the amount of matter in an object
matter substance of the physical world
mineral any soil material primarily derived from nonliving matter
nitrates formed by lightning, nitrifying bacteria and nitrogen-fixing bacteria
nitrogen nutrient in soil that stimulates rapid growth of leaves , giving plants a green color
nodules allow nitrogen-fixing bacteria to form swellings on roots of legumes
organic any soil material primarily derived from living organisms
pedology study of soil
pH scale scale used to measure acidity and bascity of substances
phosphorus nutrient in soil that is necessary for cell division & growth and also promotes plant maturation. Helps fruit "firm up"
pore spaces air pockets found in the soil
potassium primary plant food element found in the ashes of burned fruits, encourages root growth & fruit formation
recycling reusing old materials
sand substance in soil that allows water to drain
saturated when spaces in soil become completely filled with water
science study of the matter & movement of God's physical creation
topsoil top 2 to 6 inches of soil
variable condition present only in an experimental group, only one for each experiment
water table upper surface of ground water
weathering process that breaks rocks down into soil
weight measures the pull of gravity on an object
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