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science ch.2

all of the features a person inherits from their parents traits
a complete molecule shaped like a twisted ladder it contains all of the info required to produce a living thing DNA
a part of the DNA code on a chromosomes humans have tens of thousands of genes on their chromosomes Gene
the gene that an organism has, its genetic makeup Genotype
what you see when you look at an organism its the genetic makeup and the environment's effect on the makeup Phenotype
the passing of traits Heredity
the study of heredity Genetics
first researcher to use numbers to describe the results of genetic experiiments ( pea plants ) Gregor Mendel
different forms of a gene Allelle
when an allele will show their effect on the phenotype only when 2 of them for a train are present in the genotype Recessive
mendel concluded that each parent passes only one of the allels for a trait to its offspring this explains why variation exists among the offspring of parents Principles of Segregation
helps understand and make genetic predictions Punnet Square
the change in the genetics of a species over time (Darwin's Theory) evolution
organisms that are better adapted to an enviroment survive and repoduce at a greater rate than organsims that are not Natural Selection
the process in which DNA changes results in new allels Mutation
the production of several species from one ancesteral species Adaptive radiation
when a species dies out Extinction
every living thing has ___ , ___ that came from their parents features, characteristics
each trait results from the __ info in the hereditary material called __, which is formed in every cell coded, DNA
in cells that have a nucleus, __ is formed in chromosomes DNA
some fish are born with the ability to change their __ Gender
when an allele will show their effect on the phenotype whenever they are present in the genotype Dominant
an international effort for providing info about genetics of humans the human genome project
some environmental factors like __, __ , and __ limit whether a species can survive in that habitat pollution, climate, rainfall
the __ and __ the animal the better chance it has to survive bigger, stronger
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