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Nursing Ed

CNA Definitions

Abandonment Failure to provide the care a patient needs
Abdominal Thrust Method of attempting to remove an object from the airway of someone who is choking / heimlich
Abductor Wedge Keeps hips aligned
Abnormal Vital Signs Vital Signs that are abnormal
Absorption Process of soaking up nutrients for the body
Abuse Can be purposeful or unintentional mistreatment that causes physical, mental, or emotional pain or injury to someone
Accidents Things not meant to happen
Activities Things that a group have done
Acute Happens suddenly
Adaptive Equipment Devices that are used to assist with completing activities of daily living. Bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, etc.
Adaptive Devices Devices that are used to assist with completing activities of daily living
Addiction Physically or mentally dependent on something
Adduction Moving a body part toward the mid-line of the body
ADL Activities of Daily Living
Admission Entering into a facility
Admitting Resident Residents entering into a facility
Advance Directives Legal documents that allow people to choose what medical care they wish to have if they are unable to make those decisions themselves
Afebrile Without fever
Affected Side A weakened side from a stroke or injury; also called weaker or involved side
Aging Process Natural things that occur with growing old / gray hair, wrinkles, etc.
Agitation The state of being excited, restless, or troubled
AIDS Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Alarms Warns you of danger or notifies when assistance is needed, especially by making a loud noise
Alternating Pressure Mattress Prevents pressure sores
Alzheimer's A progressive, incurable disease that causes tangled nerve fibers and protein deposits to form in the brain, which eventually causes dementia
Ambulation Walking
Amputees Person with a limb cut off
Anger Hostility / An emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something
Angina Chest pain
Antibiotics A medicine that stops the growth of or destroys microorganisms
Antiembolitic Prevents swelling, blood clots and aides in circulation
Anxiety Uneasiness or fear, often about a situation or condition
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