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Behavior Vocab

Feeding Behavior A behavior an animal consistently displays in order to find and consume food.
schooling Tendency of small fish of a single species, size, and age to mass in groups. The school moves as a unit, which confuses predators and reduces the effort spent for mates
Genetic Drift The random change in allele frequency in a population
Hibernation a period of inactivity that some animals experience in winter that allows them to survive on stored body fat
Innate Behavior an inherited behavior that does not depend on the environment or experience
Learned Behavior a behavior that has been learned from experience or observation
Mating ritual an instinct connected with finding a mate for reproduction (ex. a male peacock spreads his long tailfeathers and does a dance in front of the female peahen to win her as a mate)
Migration the periodic passage of groups of animals (especially birds or fishes) from one region to another for feeding or breeding
Territorial behavior competitive behavior in which an animal tries to claim and defend a physical area against others of the same species
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