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What medication should a healthcare professional have available for a patient who is experiencing an insulin overdose Glucagon
a patient who is about to beginsulin glargine (LANTUS)therapy health care professionals should recognize the need for additional precautions because the patient also takes what type of drug beta blockers
A patient taking Propylthacil (PTU)reports weight gain drowsiness and depression what adverse reaction should healthcare provider suspect hypothyroidism
When considering replacement therapy options for a patient who has chronic adencortical insufficiency the primary care provider should use what drug hydrocortisone (Cortef)
A patient taking metformin (glucophage)plans to undergo angiography using iodine containing contrast dye what would the interaction between metformin and IV contrast dye Acute renal failure
instructions to include for the patient about to begin levothyroxine (Synthroid)therapy expect lifelong therapy with the drug
When caring for a patient taking levothyroxine the nurse should monitor for weight loss
Onset of NPH insulin (Humulin N) 1 - 2 hours
onset of insulin glargine (LANTUS) 1 hour
onset of regular insulin (Humulin R) 30 minutes to 1 hour
Onset of lispro insulin (HUMALOG) Less than 15 minutes
A primary care provider should prescribe a lower dose of vancomycin for a patient who hasrespiratory tract infection and what condition Renal impairment
what drug should a provider prescribe for a patient who has streptococcal pharyngitis and is allergic to penicillin Erythromycin
the primary care provider is prescribing drug therapy for a patient who sputum culture results indicate MRSA what drug should be administered Vancomycin
administering erythromycin to a patient who has pneumococcal pneumonia the nurse should monitor for what adverse effects cardiac dysrhythmias
administering IV ceftriaxone Rocephin to a patient to treat bacterial meningitis the nurse find the IV insertion site to be warm and red and what should she do stop thE ceftriaxone infusion
A nurse is caring for a patient taking ciprofloxacin cipro for urinary tract infection who also has rheumatoid arthritis and takes prednisone prelone the nurse should tell the patient to report which adverse effect of ciprofloxan tendon pain
a nurse is caring for a patient who is about to receive gentamicin garamycin to treat a systemic infection the healthcare professional should question in the use of the drug for a patient who is also taking what furosemide lasix
a healthcare professional should question that use of misoprostol Cytotec for a patient who has What a positive pregnancy test
a nurse is caring for a patient who has recently had a myocardial infarction and is about to begin taking docusate sodium colace the nurse should explain that Docusate sodium will have what therapeutic effect Prevent straining
the nurse is caring for a patient who is about to begin taking Ranitidine zantac to treat GERD the nurse should tell the patient to take certain precautions when taking what over the counter drug antiacids
a nurse is reinforcing teaching for a client who has peptic ulcer disease on how to properly take Ranitidine what statement would indicate effective teaching by the nurse I should call my doctor if my stools look black and sticky
the nurse was preparing to administer promethazine to an adult client who is experiencing nausea and vomiting what current medication taken by the client earlier in the day may interact with promethazine to cause an intensification of an adverse effect metroprolol
health care professional is caring for a patient who has been taking alprazolam xanax for an extended period of time to treat anxiety what would happen if Pulled off alprazolam abruptly withdrawal symptoms
a client should receive a dose of flumazenil romazicon to treat what benzodiazepine overdose
a nurse is caring for a client and has depression and has been taking paroxetine Paxil for two days the client suddenly developed high fever hallucinations and anxiety What adverse reaction is the client likely experiencing Serotonin syndrome
a nurse is caring for a client who has been taking lithium carbonate for almost a year the nurse knows that the client lithium carbonate levels should be monitored every every 1 to 3 months
because of the potential for adverse effects what should a healthcare professional recommend for patients who begin taking carbamazepine tegretol begin taking the drug at a low dose
healthcare professional should Advise the patient who is taking phenelzine Nardil avoid tyrenne rich foods because of an increased risk for what adverse reaction Hypertensive crisis
a health care professional is caring for a young adult patient who is taking fluoxetine prozac to treat depression the healthcare professional should tell the patient and the patient's family to report what suicidal thoughts
when caring for a patient who is taking risperidone risperdal for schizophrenia the healthcare professionals should monitor what adverse effects of the drug polyuria
a client has been taking chlorpromazine Thorazine for several years for paranoid schizophrenia what recent manifestations should lead the nurse to suspect that the client is developing tardive dyskinesia lip smacking
A nurse is caring for a school age child who recently began a prescription for atomoxetine strattera what should the nurse monitor for Upper abdominal tenderness
A client who has Parkinson's disease is prescribed levodopa carbidopa Sinemet and pramipexole Mirapex for what should the nurse monitor orthostatic hypotension
client to take phenytoin Dilantin must perform good oral hygiene why is oral hygiene important for these clients Gingival hyperplasia
What drugs increase the risk of Reye's syndrome Aspirin
health care provider should buy the patient who has what to stop taking ibuprofen advil to treat an occasional headache or Peptic ulcer disease
The healthcare professionals should understand that naloxone narcan can reverse the effects of an excessive dosage of what Morphine
a healthcare professional should question the use of acetaminophen tylenol for patient to have what alcohol use disorder
alendronate fosomax is contraindicated for patients who should remain flat on bed rest
What is the term for bones that are filled with holes osteoporosis
gout symptoms are treated with NSAIDs and colchicine Colcrys
An example of a disease modifying antirheumatic drug DMARD is Methotrexate rheumatrex
a nurse is caring for a client who is prescribed isosorbide mononitrate Imdur for chronic stable angina the nurse should plan to monitor client for what Headache
a nurse is caring for a client who takes a daily dose of warfarin coumadin the client begins vomiting blood what medications should the nurse prepare to give to reverse the effects of warfarin vitamin K
and nurses reinforcing teaching for a client who is to begin taking a new prescription for niacin Nyack or the nurse should instruct the client to expect what facial flushing
A healthcare professional caring for a patient to begin taking simvastatin zocor the healthcare professional should tell the patient to report what serious adverse reaction that could warrant stopping drug therapy muscle pain
A patient takes carvedilol coreg for hypertension about to take oral antidiabetic drug for type 2 diabetes mellitus PCP should be aware the patient is at an increased risk for what if She take both drugs Hypoglycemia
the nurse would assess which laboratory value to determine the effectiveness of IV heparin activated partial thromboplastin time aPTT
nurse understands that the patient's international normalized ration INR value of 2.5 means that the patient's warfarin dose is therapeutic
before emergency surgery the nurse would anticipate administering which medication to a patient receiving heparin protamine sulfate
Which test will the nurse used to assess for adverse reactions to HMG-CoA Reductase inhibitors statins Liver function tests
Would tPA be used to decrease blood pressure No
what would a nurse monitor for a patient taking propranolol before the morning dose pulse rate and blood pressure
a patient taking oral contraceptives cause her health care professional because she forgot to take one of her pills what should she do take the Miss toast along with the next dose
health care professional is caring for a patient is about to begin taking premarin what reverse reaction should the patient report vaginal bleeding
The gonadotropic hormones are secreted by which gland pituitary
the vital electrolyte that is lost with loop diuretic is potassium
And non malignant growth of the prostate gland that constricts the urethra is BPH
DDAVP is used to treat bedwetting
upon subscribing sildenafil viagra should the healthcare professional educate the patient to take nitroglycerin immediately at the onset of chest pain while taking the Med No
A diuretic for blood sodium reabsorption and increase water excretion used to treat moderate hypertension thiazide diuretics
a diuretic to block the reabsorption of water and sodium back into the bloodstream but Allow of potassium to be reabsorbed Potassium sparing diuretics
this diuretic is used for patients who have increased intracranial pressure due to head trauma and brain tumor or other illness that affects the brain osmotic diuretics
the most effective diuretics mainly used to treat congestive heart failure by decreasing the volume of blood that the heart has to circulate loop diuretics
what should a nurse include when advising a patient about the use of montelukast singulair take the drug once a day in the evening
when buys any patient who is beginning Fluticasone propionate/salmeterolAdvair therapy what instructions should the nurse include increase weight bearing activity
and there should tell a patient who is taking albuterol proventil to report what possible indications of a serious adverse effect palpitations
health care professional is caring for a patient who is taking codeine what is the most important assessment Following administration of the drug respirations
when explaining how a patient should use Ipratropium atrovent A nurse should include what instructions Wait 5 minutes between using a drug and another inhaled drug
a nurse is advising a patient about the use of cromolyn sodium Intal what instructions should the nurse include expect a bitter aftertaste
and nurses talking to a patient who has prescribed albuterol proventil via inhaler for asthma management the nurse should tell the patient to use the albuterol inhaler before using the fluticasone inhaler why albuterol will increase the absorption of fluticasone
phenylephrine is a decongestant
Diphenhydramine is a antihistamine
Guaifenesin is a expectorant
dextromethorphan is a antitussive
Is electroshock therapy an alternative medicine No
is estrogen replacement drug yes
what drugs cross the blood brain barrier psychotropic
Ototoxicity is damage to the ear
is isolation a drug cycle stage No
this medication prevent a problem from occurring prophylactic
this medication helps determine if a disease is present diagnostic
This medication treats and corrects an illness curative
Medication that destroys something destructive
medication that makes the patient more comfortable palliative
medication that supplements or provide something the patient is lacking replacement
two jacks taken together that can make a drug less powerful antagonist
Mild reactions to medications such as nausea and constipation side effects
two drugs taken together to make each work more effectively than when taken alone agonist
sites for medications bind to create physiologic effects receptors
severe reaction to medication that may cause the prescriber to change the medication being taken adverse reaction
filling the IV tubing with fluid and letting air out of the IV line Priming
adding another line of fluid to an IV line Piggybacking
attaching the IV bag to the IV line spiking
fast iv administration of a small volume of fluid Iv push
part of the Ivy that remains in dwelling in the patient after the needle is removed catheter
a bowl in which medications are crushed mortar
your patient has trouble swallowing the physician has ordered that oral meds be mixed with food what medication would cause you to contact the physician time release tablets
Are transdermal patches enteral medications No
is diarrhea contraindicated for using the oral route No
tablets that are marked in Half for easy separation are Scored
Elixir contains alcohol
Buccal medications are placed in the cheek
what are the reasons enemas are administered to soften stool cleanse bowels and deliver medications
Are transdermal patches used to administer insulin No
Where are ophthalmic medications administered in the eye
Are oral medications considered parenteral No
which syringe would be used for allergy testing tuberculin
a properly administered intradermal injection should create a wheal
A z track injection is a form of which route Intermuscular
the flu vaccine is usually given via what route intermuscular
the recommended site for the intermUscular injections in infants and small children is the Vastus lateralis
what injection site is located in the Arm Deltoid
dialysis is procedure involving IV fluids for a condition affecting what organ kidney failure
A y tubing setup is used to administer Blood products
Vein inflammation Phlebitis
IV fluids and meds leak into the surrounding tissue infiltration
A blood clot Thrombus
Bubbles released into the bloodstream air emboli
is otic medications to go in the eyes No
Otic and opthamalic solutions are interchangeable No
metered dose inhaler are used to deliver specific doses of medication through a handheld inhalation device true
nasal medications are used to treat conditions such as asthma and allergies true
otic medications should be administered at room temperature to prevent discomfort true
three times a day tid
polypharmacy is a problem for Geriatrics
A life-threatening allergic reaction anaphylaxis
documenting items correctly would include Medication dose route signature
is wheezing a sign of anaphylaxis yes
What scheduled drugs are illegal schedule 1
what a drug addict talk about drugs No
a damaged controlled substance should be disposed of by destroying it beyond any possible use in the presence of a witness
OSHA mandates that employers provide yearly safety training to employees provide protective supplies to employees and report all occupational injuries
what is the abbreviation for giving the drug immediately Stat
the abbreviation for drops GTT
medication labels include Patient's name gender and birthdate
A list of orders that are used for specific circumstances that occur routinely are called Standing orders
when a healthcare professional takes a verbal order from a prescriber what else should be done read Order back to the prescriber for accuracy and have the order signed as soon as possible by the provider
dosage how much the patient should take to be helped without overdosing also looks at safety and efficacy phase 3
safety does the drug do harm phase 1
continuing evaluation through med watch Phase 4
efficacy does the drug help the patient also looks at safety phase 2
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