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OULAT1115 19-22 NOUNS

auctor auctoris m. increaser; author; originator
beneficium -ii n. benefit; kindness; favor
familia -ae f. household; family
Graecia -ae f. Greece
iudex iudicis m. judge; juror
iudicium -ii n. judgement; decision; opinion; trial
scelus sceleris n. evil deed; crime; sin; wickedness
coniurati -orum m. conspirators (always plural)
cornu -us n. horn
fructus -us m. fruit; profit; benefit; enjoyment
genu -us n. knee
manus -us f. hand; band; handwriting
metus -us m. fear; dread; anxiety
mons montis m. mountain
senatus -us m. senate
sensus -us m. feeling; sense
servitus servitutis f. servitude; slavery
spiritus -us m. breath; breathing; spirit; soul
versus -us m. line of verse
casa -ae f. house; cottage; hut
causa -ae f. cause; reason; case; situation; (abl. causa plus a preceding gen.) for the sake of; on account of
fenestra -ae f. window
finis finis m. end; limit; boundary; purpose; (plural) boundaries; territory
gens gentis f. clan; race; nation; people
mundus -i m. world; universe
navis navis f. ship
salus salutis f. health; safety; greeting
Troia -ae f. Troy
vicinus -i m. neighbor
vicina -ae f. neighbor
vulgus -i m. the common people; mob; rabble
dies diei m. day
ferrum -i n. iron; sword
fides fidei f. faith; trust; trustworthiness; fidelity; promise; guarantee; protection
ignis ignis m. fire
modus -i m. measure; bound; limit; manner; method; mode; way
res rei f. thing; matter; business; affair
spes spei f. hope
argumentum -i n. proof; evidence; argument
Created by: oulat1115