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OULAT1115 14-18 VERBS

teneo tenere tenui tentum to hold; keep; possess; restrain
vito vitare vitavi vitatum to avoid; shun
committo committere commisi commissum to entrust; commit
exspecto exspectare exspectavi exspectatum to look for; expect; await
iacio iacere ieci iectum to throw; hurl
eicio eicere eieci eiectum to throw out; drive out
timeo timere timui - to fear; be afraid of; be afraid
rego regere rexi rectum to rule; guide; direct
admitto admittere admisi admissum to admit; receive; let in
coepisse coepi coeptum -- began (only used in the perfect system)
cupio cupere cupivi cupitum to desire; wish; long for
deleo delere delevi deletum to destroy; wipe out; erase
desidero desiderare desideravi desideratum to desire; long for; miss
incipio incipere incepi inceptum to begin
navigo navigare navigavi navigatum to sail; navigate
neglego neglegere neglexi neglectum to neglect; disregard
recito recitare recitavi recitatum to read aloud; recite
fluo fluere fluxi fluxum to flow
lego legere legi lectum to pick out; choose; read
misceo miscere miscui mixtum to mix; stir up; disturb
moveo movere movi motum to move; arouse; affect
videor videri visus sum - to be seen; seem
appello appellare appellavi appellatum to speak to; address (as); call; name
curro currere cucurri cursum to run; rush; move quickly
muto mutare mutavi mutatum to change; alter; exchange
Created by: oulat1115