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OULAT1115 14-18 NOUNS

aqua -ae f. water
ars artis f. art; skill
auris auris f. ear
civis civis m. and f. citizen
ius iuris n. right; justice
mare maris n. sea
mors mortis f. death
nubes nubis f. cloud
os oris n. mouth; face
pars partis f. part
Roma -ae f. Rome
turba -ae f. uproar; disturbance; mob; crowd; multitude
urbs urbis f. city
vis vis f. force; power; violence
Italia -ae f. Italy
memoria -ae f. memory; recollection
tempestas tempestatis f. period of time; season; weather; storm
aetas aetatis f. period of life; life; age; an age; time
auditor auditoris m. hearer; listener; member of an audience
clementia -ae f. mildness; gentleness; mercy
mens mentis f. mind; thought; intention
satura -ae f. satire
senex senis m. old
libellus -i m. little book
flumen fluminis n. river
genus generis n. origin; kind; sort; class
hostis hostis m. an enemy; (plural) the enemy
ludus -i m. game; sport; school
probitas probitatis f. uprightness; honesty
scientia -ae f. knowledge
animal animalis n. a living creature; animal
Created by: oulat1115