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forma formae form, shape, beauty (F)
fortuna fortunae fortune, luck (F)
ira irae ire, anger (F)
nauta nautae sailor (M)
patria patriae fatherland (F)
pecunia pecuniae money (F)
philosophia philosophiae philosophy (F)
poena poenae penalty, punishment (F)
poeta poetae poet (M)
porta portae gate, entrance (F)
puella puellae girl (F)
rosa rosae rose (F)
sententia sententiae feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence (F)
vita vitae life (F)
ager agri field, farm (M)
agricola agricolae farmer (M)
amica amicae friend (F)
amicus amici friend (M)
femina feminae woman (F)
filia filiae daughter (F)
filius filii son (M)
numerus numeri number (M)
populus populi people, nation (M)
puer pueri boy (M)
sapientia sapientiae wisdom (F)
vir viri man, hero (M)
nihil X nothing (N)
bellum belli war (N)
consilium consilii plan, purpose (N)
cura curae care, attention (F)
donum doni gift, present (N)
exitium exitii destruction, ruin (N)
magister magistri teacher, master (M)
magistra magistrae teacher, mistress (F)
mora morae delay (F)
oculus oculi eye (M)
officium officii duty, service (N)
otium otii leisure, peace (N)
periculum periculi danger, risk (N)
remedium remedii cure, remedy (N)
stultus stulti fool (M)
fama famae rumor, report, fame (F)
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