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nursing Unit I-III

Test Unit I-III

Which term best describes the science of nursing The knowledge based for care
Which nurse in the history is credited with establishing nursing education Florence Nightingale
What historic event in the 20 century led to an increased emphasis on nursing and broadened the role of nurses WWII
Which of the following phrases describes one of the purposes of ANA's Nursing Social Policy Statement. To describe nursing values and social responsibility.
You are teaching a class of junior~high students about the smoking. This educational program will meet which of the aims of nursing? Preventing illness.
Which of the following nursing degrees prepares a nurse for advanced practice as a clinical specialist or nurse practitioner? Masters degree
Which nursing organization was the first international organization of professional women? ICN
What is the purpose of the ANA’s Scope and Standards of Practice? To define the activities that are special and unique to nursing
What type of authority regulates the practice of nursing State nurse practice acts
Who are the largest group of health care providers in the United States? RN
Maslow’s hierarchy of basic human needs is useful when planning and implementing nursing care as it provides a structure for: Establishing priorities of care
Which of the following levels of basic human needs is most basic? Physiologic
Of all the physiologic needs, which one is the most essential? Oxygen
Careful hand washing and using sterile techniques are ways in which nurses meet which basic human need? Safety and security
Of the following statements, which one is true of self-actualization? The self-actualization process continues throughout life.
What is the best broad definition of a family? A group of people who live together
Where do individuals learn their health beliefs and values? In the family
John and Mary, each parents of one child, are both divorced. When they marry, the family structure that is formed will be: Blended family
One of the developmental tasks of the older adult family is to: Adjust to loss of spouse
One element of a healthy community is that it: Offers access to healthcare services
Which of the following phrases best defines culture? A shared system of beliefs, values, and behaviors
Minority groups living within a dominant culture may lose the cultural characteristics that made them different. This process is called: Cultural assimilation
The sense of identification with a collective cultural group is defined as: Ethnicity
When one assumes that all older adults are too old to learn, what is being done? Stereotyping
A young Hispanic mother comes to the local clinic because her baby is sick. She speaks only Spanish and you speak only English What would you do? Ask an interpreter to help you.
Which of the following questions would be considered culturally sensitive in regard to food preferences for a hospitalized patient? “What types of food do you eat for meals?”
What group is the largest subculture of the healthcare system? Nurses
Healthcare providers often believe their beliefs and practices are superior to those of the patient. What is this practice called? Ethnocentrism
How can the nurse gain knowledge of a specific culture before actually assessing and caring for a patient of that culture? Review literature
Although all of the following are important to culturally competent nursing care, which one is most basic? Treating each person as an individual
Of the following statements which is most true of health and illness health and illness individually defined by each person
Of the following terms which would be defined as a disease? Rheumatoid arthritis
Your neighbor, Alan, asks you to come over because he has a high temperature, feels “awful,” and did not go to work. What stage of illness behavior is Alan exhibiting? Assuming the sick role
Of the following characteristics, which one is not a part of chronic illness? Self-treatment that relieves symptoms
The agent—host—environment model of health and illness is based on the concept of: Risk factors
What do both the health—illness continuum and the high-level wellness models demonstrate? Health as a constantly changing state
Of the following clinic patients. which one is most likely to have annual breast examinations and mammo-grams based on the physical human dimension? Tricia, who has a family history of breast cancer
You are asked to teach a group of preschool parents about poison control in the home. This activity is an example of what level of preventive care? Primary
As a nurse, you follow the guidelines for a healthy lifestyle. How can this promote health in others? By being a role model for healthy behaviors
One method of developing a theory is by first examining a general idea and then considering specific actions or ideas. What is this method called? Deductive reasoning
What word may be used to describe a concept? Idea
Which of the following types of nursing theory focuses on clinical nursing practice? Prescriptive theory
There are four concepts common to nursing theories. Which concept is the most important? Person
When conducting research, which of the following termsis used to describe the information that is collected? Data
What is the name of the type of quantitative research conducted to directly influence or improve clinical practice? Applied research
A researcher is studying the effects of exercise and sleep on blood pressure. What type of variable is the blood pressure in this study? Dependent
Of the following types of qualitative research, which method developed in anthropology? Ethnography
What type of clinical nursing practice is becoming increasingly important to healthcare and nursing today? Evidence-based practice
Bobby has diabetes. His parents want him to value good nutritional habits and they decide to deprive him of a favorite TV program when he becomes angry after they deny him foods not on his diet. example of what value transmission? Rewarding and punishing
Which of the following is the best professional response to a patient who tells you that she believes that “white nurses are smarter than nurses of color” and then asks if you agree? “I don’t believe being smart is related to race or ethnicity.” (Commitment to human dignity)
The American Association of Colleges of Nursing identified five values that epitomize the caring professional nurse. Which of these is best described as acting in accordance with an appropriate code of ethics and accepted standards of practice? Social justice
A professional nurse with a commitment to social justice is most apt to: Promote universal access to healthcare
When an older nurse complains that nurses just aren’t ethical anymore, the reply that reflects the best understanding of moral development is: “The ability to behave ethically must be carefully cultivated; maybe we don’t value this sufficiently to pay it the attention it deserves.”
A home health nurse who performs a careful safety assessment of the home of a frail elderly patient to prevent harm to the patient is acting in accord with which of the principles of bioethics? Nonmaleficence
A professional nurse committed to the principle of autonomy would be careful to: Provide the information and support a patient needed to make decisions to advance her own interests
A friend asks you about the new Bill of Rights for nurses. What can you tell her that accurately reflects the concerns of the drafters of these rights? The Bill of Rights was drafted to empower nurses and to improve conditions in the workplace.
Nurse advocates often are conflicted about respecting a patient’s right to be self-determining, while at the same time wanting to do everything in their power to promote the patient’s best interests. Which is the best general guideline? When in conflict, weigh the benefits and risks of following each option and then choose wisely.
When a state attorney decides to charge a nurse with manslaughter for allegedly administering a lethal medication order, this is an example of: Criminal law
If you wanted to find a list of the violations that can result in disciplinary actions against a nurse, you should read: Nurse Practice Act
If you harm a patient by administering a medication (wrong med. wrong dose, etc.) ordered by a physician, which of the following is true? Both you and the physician are responsible for your respective actions.
Of the following descriptors, which one does not accurately pertain to care in a hospital? Parish nursing
Which type of healthcare facility employs the largest percentage of RNs? Hospitals
What is the most rapidly growing area of healthcare services? Home care
Which healthcare provider is a major source of health assessment and health education for children? School nurse
How is respite care best defined? A service that allows time away for caregivers
Of the following healthcare agencies and services, which one is a government agency? Public Health Service
Which purpose best describes managed care as a framework for healthcare? Designed to control the cost of care while maintaining the quality of care
Your newly employed friend is a part of the company’s HMO. This means he: Receives all healthcare from providers within the HMO
Private insurance most often is called a third-party payer.What does this mean? You pay a monthly premium, and the insurance company pays the bills.
What type of technology has increased the number of knowledgeable healthcare consumers? Computers
Jane Wye, RN, is the discharge planner at a large metropolitan hospital. What activity would she do to ensure continuity of care as patients move from acute care to home care? Make referrals to appropriate agencies
Which of the following phrases best describes the philosophy of community-based care? It centers on individuals and families with acute and chronic illness needs.
When admitting a patient to the hospital, the nurse may delegate some activities to other members of the healthcare team. Which activity would be appropriate to delegate? Preparing the bed and collecting needed supplies
Based on the Health Insurance Portability ability Account ability Act (HIPAA), a patient admitted to a healthcare facility must be provided with a written explanation of: How health information will be used and disclosed
patient is being transferred from the ICU to a regular hospital room. As the ICU nurse, what must you be prepared to do as part of this transfer? Provide a verbal report to the nurse on the new unit
At what point during a hospital stay should discharge planning be initiated? On admission to the acute care setting
which of the following statements or questions would be appropriate in establishing a discharge plan for a patient who has had major abdominal surgery? What are your expectations for recovery from your surgery?
A patient who decides to leave the hospital against medical advice (AMA) must sign a form. What is the purpose of this form? To release the physician and hospital from legal responsibility for the patient’s health status
Which of the following statements is a requirement for Medicare reimbursements? The patient must be essentially homebound.
In general, how does home care nursing compere with hospital-based nursing care? In the home health care must be adapted to the patient's schedules and customs.
Although all of the following skills are important, what would be the most important to effective coordination of care and services? Effective communication.
Which of the following activities would the nurse do in the pre-entry phase of the home visit? Collect information and schedule a visit.
Before washing her hands, what might a home health nurse ask or say to the patient? “I need to wash my hands. May I use your bathroom?”.
What one activity is most important in preventing infection when providing home care? Performing hand hygiene before and after care.
How often must a home care nurse document progress notes? At each visit.
Although the nursing process is presented as an order progression of steps, in reality there is great interactic and overlapping among the five steps. This characteristic of the nursing process is described as: Dynamic.
While administering a medication you wonder if there are some nonpharmacologicsl interventions that would enhance relief by complementing the pain medication. When you discuss this with your instructor you are most likely to hear: “Let’s talk about this. . . we often get new information that we can incorporate successfully into this plan of care. Sometimes the steps of the process interact or overlap.”
When a patient you are admitting to the unit asks you why you are doing a history and exam since the doctor did one, your best reply is: ‘In addition to providing us with valuable information about your health status, the nursing assessment will allow us to plan and deliver individualized, holistic nursing care that draws on your strengths.”
When you receive shift report, you learn that your patient has no special skin care needs. You are surprised during the bath to observe reddened areas over bony prominences. You should: Perform and document a focused assessment on skin integrity.
Fearful of attempting your first nursing history, you ask your instructor how anyone ever learns everything you have to ask to get good baseline data. You are most likely hear: “You make the basic questions a part of you and then learn to modify them for each unique situation, asking yourself how much you need to know to plan good care.”
A patient complains about feeling nauseated after lunch. This is an example of what type of data? Subjective.
When you enter the patient’s room to begin your nursing history, the patient’s wife is there. You should: Introduce yourself and ask the patient if he would like the wife to stay.
The patient is Vietnamese and does not speak English. Her son is with her and does speak English. How should you respond? After determining that the son can translate, evaluate if he can do so objectively and if the patient wants him to serve in this capacity.
You are surprised to detect an elevated temperature (102°F) in a patient scheduled for surgery. The patient has been febrile and shows no other signs of being febrile The first thing you do is to: Validate your finding.
You tell your instructor that your patient is fine and has “no complaints.” You are likely to hear: “You made an inference that she is fine because she has no complaints. How did you validate this?”
Identify all of the following that are purposes of diagnosing. The purpose of diagnosing is to identify: nursing interventions to resolve health problems
Which was the first state to identify diagnosing as part of the legal domain of professional nursing? New York.
Which group is responsible for the promotion and organization of activities to continue the development classification and scientific testing of nursing diagnoses North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA)
Altered Health Maintenance is an example of: Nursing problem.
To determine the significance of a blood-pressure reading of 148/100, it is first necessary to: Compare this reading to standards.
When the initial nursing assessment revealed that the patient had not had a bowel movement for 2 days, the student wrote the diagnostic label “constipation.” Which of the following comments is she most likely to hear from her instructor? “Hold on a minute ... Nursing diagnoses should always be derived from clusters of significant data rather than from a single cue.”
A clinical judgment that an individual, family, or community is more vulnerable to develop the problem than others in the same or similar situation is what type of nursing diagnosis? Risk.
During the outcome identification and planning step of the nursing process, the nurse works in partnership with the patient and family to do which of the following? Formulate and validate prioritized nursing diagnoses
When helping Mr. Price turn in bed, the nurse notices that his heels are reddened and plans to place him on precautions for skin breakdown. This is an example of: Ongoing planning.
Use Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs to prioritize the following patient problems from highest priority Ineffective Airway Clearance Impaired Social Interaction Disturbed Body Image Spiritual Distress
From which of the following are outcomes derived? The problem statement of the nursing diagnosis
Which of the following is an example of affective outcome? By 6/12/09, the patient will verbalize valuing health sufficiently to practice new health behaviors to prevent recurrence of leg ulcer.
Which of the following is an optional element in a measurable outcome? Conditions
Which of the following outcomes are correctly written? During the next 24-hour period, the patient’s fluid intake will total at least 2,000 mL. At the next visit, 12/23/09, the patient will correctly demonstrate relaxation exercises.
Health Is a state of optimal functioning or well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
Illness Is the response of the person to a disease. It is a abnormal process in which the person level of functioning is changed when comparing to previous level.
Wellness Active state, oriented toward maximizing the potential of the individual, regardless of his or her state of health.
Levels of preventing care 1. Primary Prevention (Diet,...) 2. Secondary Prevention (Screenings) 3. Tertiary Prevention (treatment)
Indicate which of these statements regarding critical thinking are true Critical thinking is sometimes referred to as clinical reasoning Critical thinking is an essential competency Critical thinking is a purposeful outcome-directed thinking that aims to make judgments based on scientific evidence.
Which of the following definitions is a true statement regarding health. According to the World Health Organization, to be healthy a person must be in a state of physical, mental, and social well being.
Which of these statements correctly explains the relationship critical thinking and evidence-based practice? The best source of evidence is the research
Which statement correctly depicts the concept of either a medical Dx or a nursing Dx Nursing Dx are problems experienced by the nurse while caring for client.
Which of the following documentation guidelines are correct. Date and time each entry. (do not use "good", "average" and record as close as possible to the time of their execution)
Which of the following documentation guidelines are correct? Document Nursing interventions as close as possible to the time of execution. Note problems as they occur in the orderly matter. (Should be always be done in legally prudent manner according to agency policy/ do not use erasers.)
According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, patient have a rights to all of the following: 1. See the copy of their health record 2. To update their H record 3. To get list of the disclosures. 4.To request a restrictions on certain issues or disclosures 5. To choose how to receive health info.
If you were looking for trends in a patient’s vital signs, what form should you consult first? Graphic sheet (not Admission sheet because no vital documentation, not Admission nursing assessment (1 vital assessment) not activity flow sheet (no vital documentation)
This method of documentation uses the categorized data, action, and response (DAR) to facilitate charting. Narrative notes Focus charting (not Narrative notes, Charting by exception, Case management model)
Which of the following phrases describes one of the purposes of the ANA's Nursing Social Policy Statement? To describe nursing's values and social responsibility
The agent–host–environment model of health and illness is based on the concept of: Risk factors
Which of the following types of nursing theory focuses on clinical nursing practice? Prescriptive theory
The American Association of Colleges of Nursing identified five values that epitomize the caring professional nurse. Which of these is best described as acting in accordance with an appropriate code of ethics and accepted standards of practice? Integrity
Which of the following statements about the nursing process is most accurate? The state board examinations for professional nursing practice now use the nursing process rather than medical specialties as an organizing concept.
The best description of critical thinking indicators (CTIs™) is which of the following: Evidence-based descriptions of behaviors that demonstrate the knowledge, characteristics, and skills that promote critical thinking in clinical practice
Which of the following nursing diagnoses are correctly written as two-part nursing diagnoses? Ineffective Coping related to inability to maintain marriage (2) Defensive Coping related to loss of job and economic security (3) Altered Thought Processes related to panic state (4) Decisional Conflict related to placement of parent in nursing home
A school nurse notices that Jill is losing weight and wants to perform a focused assessment on Jill's nutritional status, fearing that she might have an eating disorder. How should the nurse proceed? Perform the focused assessment. This is an independent nurse-initiated intervention.
Which of the following would you expect to find in the Nursing Interventions Classification Taxonomy? Nursing interventions, each with a label, a definition, and a set of activities that a nurse performs to carry it out, with a short list of background readings
This method of documentation uses the categories data, action, and response (DAR) to facilitate charting. focus charting, which is the only method of documentation that uses the categories data, action, and response (DAR) to facilitate charting.
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