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patient with thrombocyopenia could be decreased platelet production
autoimmune hemolytic anemia splenectomy
A patient with renal failure has decreased erythropoietin production. what to expect in bloodwork decreased H and H
what medications that potentially alter platelet function? sulfa containing, aspirin based,NSAIDS
A patient's absolute neutrophil count (ANC) is 440/mm3.action should the nurse prioritize meticulous hand hygiene
leukemia patient what rn assessments needed? monitor electrolytes,daily weights,I and O, auscultate lungs frequently
myelofibrosis. What nursing diagnoses should the nurse address Disturbed Body Image, Impaired Mobility, Imbalanced Nutrition: Less than Body Requirements, Risk for Infection
What assessment most directly addresses the most common cause of death among patients with leukemia? monitoring for infection
patient with acute myeloid leukemia who is preparing to undergo induction therapy.what rn dx highest priority? r/o infection
patient with a diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is being treated with induction therapy what is priority in care plan Protective isolation and vigilant use of standard precautions
inability to fight infection due to the fact that her bone marrow is unable to produce a sufficient amount of what? lymphocytes
previously been immunized for mumps. What type of immunity does she possess? acquired immunity
circulating lymphocytes containing the antigenic message returned to the nearest lymph node. During what stage of the immune response did this occur? proliferation stage
What immune response predominates in uro sepsis humoral
phagocytic cell disorder Chronic otitis media, Cutaneous abscesses, Pneumonia
What are key elements of standard precautions? Using appropriate personal protective equipment, Using safe injection practices, Performing hand hygiene
patient with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome is admitted protective isolation
patient diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency disease (SCID). What treatment is likely of most benefit to this patient? Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Members of what group currently have the greatest risk of contracting HIV? Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men
patient is experiencing a progressive decline in cognitive, behavioral, and motor functions. these symptoms related to the onset of what complication HIV encephalopathy
nutritional status of aids pt. what to include in assessment? Serum albumin level,Weight history,Body mass index Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) level
admission assessment of a patient who has AIDS. What components should the nurse include in assessment current meds, ID pt support system, immune system f/x, h/x of sexual practices
CD4+ count has recently fallen, the nurse carefully assesses for signs and symptoms related to opportunistic infections. What is the most common life-threatening infection Pneumocystis pneumonia
what test to confirm the EIA test results for HIV d/x western blot
sexually active teen worried about HIV Other than abstinence, only the consistent and correct use of condoms is effective in preventing HIV
infection with HIV has subsided and an equilibrium now exists between HIV levels and the patient's immune response viral set-point
Kaposi's sarcoma impaired skin integrity r/t KS
diagnosis of acute lymphocytic leukemia, a patient is visibly distraught, stating, "I have no idea where to go from here Assess the patient's specific needs for education and support
full course of treatment for acute lymphocytic leukemia and has failed to respond appreciably Identify the patient's specific wishes around end-of-life care
diagnosed with a secondary myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Were you ever exposed to toxic chemicals in any of the jobs that you held?"
What should the nurse monitor for as a potential adverse effect of IVIG administration? anaphylaxis
brother died of a severe infection at age 6 months. He says he never knew what was wrong mother had him undergo "blood testing" what rn should suspect x-linked agammaglobulinemia
The tetanus injection will allow for the release of what? Antibodies
admitting an adolescent patient with a diagnosis of ataxia-telangiectasis. RN d/x? Risk for Falls Due to Loss of Muscle Coordination
infection prevention for the patient with an immunodeficiency includes which of the following guidelines? cook all food thoroughly
primary immunodeficiency informs the nurse that he has been experiencing a new onset of a dry cough and occasional shortness of breath assess for s/s infection
The nurse describes the clumping effect that occurs when an antibody acts like a cross-link between two antigens agglutination
nurse has administered a child's scheduled vaccination for rubella. This vaccination will cause the child to develop active acquired immunity
complications of long-term corticosteroid therapy immunosuppression
patient with cystic fibrosis has received a double lung transplant and is now experiencing signs of rejection. What is the immune response that predominates cellular
care for a patient who has multiple sclerosis. The nurse recognizes the autoimmune etiology of this disease and the potential benefits of what treatment? stem cell transplant
What are the first cells to arrive at a site of inflammation neutrophils
patient's risk for impaired immune function if the patient has undergone surgical removal of which of the following? spleen removal
condition resolved spontaneously prior to discharge home from the hospital. This infant's recovery was most likely due to what type of immunity? nonspecific immunity
ongoing treatment and infection-control precautions because of an inherited deficit in immune function. The nurse should recognize that this patient most likely has what type of immune disorder autoimmune
pathogens are engulfed by white blood cells that ingest foreign particles. What is this process known as phagocytosis
Inadequate intake of what nutrient increases a patient's susceptibility to infection proteins
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