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infant mortality rate during first year of life represented in 1000"s
to enhance family centered care for the hospitalized child the rn should place no limits on visitors
examples of psychomotor activities hands on, repetition, immediate feedback
character of the nursing unit is determined by nurse manager
Under the law of negligence, when does the Rn have to duty to care for clients? At beginning of shift with the acceptance of clients
Rn caring for crying child in the hospital, mom is working: Rn cannot call protective services on mom/can’t impose own values onto clients
Risks, benefits and alternatives to procedure
Family values system is best understood by : The distribution of the family resources
To provide culturally sensitive care the RN must: Examine own values, culture and beliefs
In addition to a labor kit a school Rn needs what in care of pregnant teens care plan
Cephaloucaudal proceeds from head down
nature v nurture nature refers to genetics
Passivity theory v. activity theory a child is delinquent because of relationship with antisocial group according to the passivity theory
Piaget theory of abstraction goes from central to complex
umbilical cord has______veins and ___arteries 1 vein 2 arteries
Infant weight gain during first 6 months 1.5 lbs a month for first 6 months
What is creeping? Child on hands and knees with abdomen off the floor
Edu. for breastfeeding mom to encourage baby to eat cereal Feed cereal first then nurse afterwards
Semisolid food for baby should not include Added Salt or sugar
A 4 y/o can sort piles of same objects. Example: cards with shapes on then child can place all circles in 1 pile.
Growing pains are felt most frequently in the: Knees, calves and thighs
inhibits long bone growth, stimulates ephyseal plate
Erickson when do adolescents achieve self identity
Effective communication
effective communication
Slow and unreliable
Anxious and tachypnic
2-6 weeks
>60 minutes
Place the child on the side on the floor
The nurse notices a child who is wearing old, dirty, poor-fitting clothes; is always hungry; and is always tired. he talks of playing outside until midnight. The nurse will suspect that this child is:
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