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AP Bio Vocab


a- an- no; lacking; none
ah- away from; out from
ac- to; toward
-accus; -accous of or pertaining to
acou- hearing
acr-; acro- extreme; peak
ad- to; toward
adeno- gland
agri- field; soil
-al having character of
alb- white
-algia pain
alto- high
ameh- change; alteration
amphi- on both sides of; both; double
ampho-; ambi- both; around
an- not; without
ana- up
andro- masculine; man
anemo- wind
angio- vessel
ante- before; ahead of time
antero- front
antho- flower
anti- against
anthrop-o- man; human being
ap- to; toward
aqu- water
archaeo- primitive; ancient
artho- joint
aster-; astr- stars
-ate used in forming verbs from nouns
-ation used in forming nouns from verbs
atom- vapor
audi- hear
auto- self
bactr- stick; club
barb- beard
baro- weight
bath- depth; height
bene- well; good
bi- two; twice; double (Latin)
bio-; bi- life; living (Greek)
-blast sprout; germ
brachi- having arms
branchi- having fins
brey- short
bronch- windpipe
calor- heat
carb- coal; carbon
cardi- heart
carp- fruit
carpal- wrist
caud- tail
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