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DEA Forms 2015

Form 224 Form to register a new hospital/retail pharmacy, practitioner, or teaching institution to have controlled substances
Form 224a Form to renew a pharmacy's, practitioner's, or teaching institution's registration to have controlled substances (every 3 years)
Form 510 Form to register as a chemical manufacturer, distributor, importer, or exporter (for List 1 chemicals; SLCPs like Sudafed). NOT required if you are already a pharmacy registered to handle controlled substances
Form 41 Form used by the DEA-registered reverse distributors when they destroy controlled substances (record of destruction)
Form 106 Report of theft or loss of controlled substances
Form 363 Registration form to be a narcotic treatment program
Form 363a Renewal form for narcotic treatment program registration (renewed every year)
Form 225 Form to register a new manufacturer, distributor, reverse distributor, importer, exporter, chemical analyst, or research facility to have controlled substances
Form 225a Form to renew registration for manufacturer, distributor, reverse distributor, importer, exporter, chemical analyst, or research facility (every year)
Form 223 The actual DEA registration certificate
Form 189 Application for a manufacturing quota for C-I or C-II
Form 357 Application to import controlled substances
Form 236 Controlled substances declaration (must be submitted at least 15 days prior to proposed date of importation and distribution)
Form 161 Application for a permit to export controlled substances
Form 400 Receipt provided by the Administration for and controlled substances or listed chemicals taken from a site
Form 82 Notice of inspection - used to inform a registrant that an inspection will be made
Form 104 Termination of registration / voluntary surrender of controlled substance privileges (most commonly used to close a pharmacy)
Form 222 Form used to order C-I and C-II drugs from another registrant (also used for any sale or transfer between registrants)
Form 222a Form used to obtain DEA Form 222 from the DEA
Created by: Cyndi1087