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sec4 final vocab

Stack #19472

anarchy political disorder and violence
falaj system in the Arabian Peninsula, an ancient system of underground and surface water canals that carry water many miles from mountains to desert villages
shah the ruler of iran
infrastructure an underlying foundation
ayatollah a religious leader among shiite muslims
mandate a commission from the league of Nations authorkizing a nation to govern a territory
self-determination the right to decide one's political future
desalination the process of removing salt from seawater so that it can be used for drinking and irrigation
militia an army
zionist a member of a movement known as zionism, founded to promote the establishment of an independant Jewish state
knesset the parliment of Israel
secular worldly, not relating to religion
drip irrigations a process by which precisely controlled amounts of water drops onto plants from the pipes, this preserving precious water resources in dry areas
Created by: bjackson