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Missed questions

Missed questions from the 1st comp.

True or False: The Transportation Code never gives the right of way to any vehicle but rather places responsibility on one vehicle to yield the right of way to another in specific circumstances TRUE
A person commits an offense if after the ____ working day after the date the registration for the vehicle expires; operates the vehicle on a highway. 5th
True of False: A peace officer may search an individual incident to arrest even if the arrest is unlawful? FALSE
If a person intentionally or knowingly hinders the entrance of a Justice of the Peace to a premise where a death occurred or a body is found, the person commits a... Class B Misdemeanor
City courts have jurisdiction over all criminal cases arising under city ordinance (other than fire safety, zoning, public health and sanitation) where punishment is by fine only, not to exceed... $500
The requirement that a person not be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on presentment or indictment of a grand jury is contained in which amendment. 5th
The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution provides which protections? Freedom from double jeopardy, indictment by a grand jury, self-incrimination
An example of unreasonable seizure as defined in the 4th Amendment to the Constitution would be the case of... Tennessee v Garner
The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution provides which protections? Right to counsel, confront accusers, speedy and public trial
Essential dietary components include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and ____ Water
The type of stress that our bodies handle best is? Acute stress
A person who holds a peace officer license must report any name change to the commission within ____ days 30
The minimum age for a person to be licensed as a peace officer without college or military service is? 21 years old
Lisa intends to interfere with the custody of 17yr old Joe whose parents are in a custody dispute. She persuades Joe to go to the bus station where a ticket is waiting. Joe gets on the bus without his parent's permission to see Lisa. What offense? Enticing a child
"Element of the offense" means: the forbidden conduct, ____, any required result, the negation of any exception to the offense. The required culpability
"Change attitudes and project a positive image and improve relations with citizens" is a main focus of... Police-Community relations
The officer and his/her agency must meet numerous standards that determine how (s)he is to do the job. Who sets these standards? Our family, Our agency, The government, The community (All of the above on the test)
A person makes a material false statement under oath during an official proceeding. This person may be charged with... Aggravated perjury - 3rd Degree Felony
Joe tries to rob the 7-11 with a finger gun in his jacket pocket. The clerk hits Joe in the mouth then runs into the back room. Joe gets scared and leaves with no money. Joe should be charged with what? Robbery
Officer Smith attempts to arrest Howard for theft. Howard pushes Officer Smith to the ground. What offense has now occurred? Resisting arrest (Class A misdemeanor)
Jane, 15yrs old, confesses to her mother that she had sex with her 17 year old boyfriend. Jane's mother becomes angry and calls the police wanting to file charges. What charge would the district attorney accept? No charges. (On the test there was Indecency w/child, agg sex assault and regular sex assault.)
True of False: Knuckles are a prohibited weapon? TRUE
Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is... More than probable cause, more than mere suspicion and less than certainty
Motorcycles shall be equipped with not more than two headlamps mounted at a height from ____ to ____ inches. 24 - 54
Under which of the following circumstances is a vehicle permitted to drive to the left of center of the roadway? On a one way roadway
The state's rights are enumerated in which Amendment? The 10th
A "training unit" in the legislatively required continuing education program for individuals licensed as peace officers is... 24 months
The ____ is the statutory authority for the Commission (TCOLE) to establish rules that law enforcement agencies and officers must follow. Occupations Code
Impersonating a public servant is what offense? Felony of the third degree
Little Billy was egging Mr. Ledbetter's car. The officer investigating asks the neighbor if he's seen Billy lately. The neighbor just saw Billy, holding an egg carton, go into another neighbors house. He tells the officer he hasn't seen him. Offense? False report to a peace officer
Timmy uses a bent coat hanger and inserts it into the bottom of a vending machine to fish out a bag of peanuts. The cost of the peanuts is $.65. What offense has occurred? Burglary of a coin operated machine - Class A Misdemeanor
Jed stole $500 from the store where he works, but did so only to give it to someone who had threatened to harm his little brother unless he stole the merchandise for him. Jed's reason for stealing is considered what? Affirmative defense to prosecution
John Smith abducted his daughter with the sole intent to assume lawful control and did not use deadly force. this is considered a ____ Affirmative defense to prosecution
Which person may not be issued a driver's license in the State of Texas? A 17yr old seeking a Class C to go to work because she dropped out of high school after forty days of class for hardship reasons to seek work to help her family. (Requirement is 45 days.)
Understanding on the behalf of the individual being arrested that he is arrested without any physical control being demonstrated by the officer is the definition of ____ Constructive custody
A peace officer requested aid from a citizen. The citizen refused to aid the peace officer. The peace officer shall... Notify the proper district or county attorney
This may not be needed by a civilian exercising to maintain health, but is essential for an officer's survival and ability to do essential job tasks Anaerobic training
____ means criminal or tortious or both and includes what would be criminal or tortious but for a defense amounting to justification or privilege. Unlawful
A person commits "aggravated sexual assault" if the person intentionally or knowingly causes the penetration of the anus or female sexual organ of a child by any means, if the victim is... Younger than 14yrs old
Joe walks up to the 66yr old 7-11 clerk with his hand in his jacket pocket making a finger gun. Joe tells the clerk to give him all the money or he'll shoot. The clerk does so. Joe has committed what offense? Aggravated robbery (remember the age)
A kid on a skateboard rides by a woman sitting on a park bench with her radio sitting next to her on the bench. The kid snatches the radio and rides off. What offense has he committed? Theft
An officer attempts to arrest a 17yr old for theft. The boy's mother steps between the suspect and the officer telling him to stop. The mother can be charged with... Interference with public duties
A writ issued by the court of clerk which directs any peace officer of the State of Texas to arrest a person accused of an offense and bring him before the court is... A Capias
When a court clerk signs an order commanding a peace officer to arrest a person accused of an offense, it is called a... Warrant
A person commits an offense if by means he influences or attempts to influence a public servant in a specified exercise of his official power or a specific performance of his official duty, is known as... Coercion of Public Servant or Voter - Class A Misdemeanor
Joe is mad at the water department. He calls and states that he's planted a bomb that will detonate at 1500. What offense has he committed? False alarm or report. State Jail Felony due to it being the water company.
Conduct does not constitute an offense unless it is defined as an offense by what? A statue, order of the county commissioner's court, a municipal ordinance
True or False: A District Attorney is a magistrate. FALSE
The limitation on an indictment for burglary. Five Years
The Texas Supreme Court has jurisdiction over what kind of cases? Civil Cases
Which amendment to the Constitution gives citizens the right to an attorney during criminal proceedings? The 6th
John is a 17yr old male. His parents adopt Jane, a 17yr old female. John and Jane have consensual sex. What category of offense has occurred? 3rd Degree Felony
3 suspects are planning a robbery. They meet at a location and discuss what they'll need to commit the robbery. They all leave to get the items and when they return are all arrested as part of a sting operation. What are they charged with? Criminal Conspiracy
Burglary of a coin operated machine is what level of offense? Class A Misdemeanor
If John knowingly points a firearm at Rick and John knows the firearm is actually empty, John's behavior is considered as... Reckless
Sexual Intercourse is defined as... Penetration Of The Female Sex Organ By The Male Sex Organ
____ is an adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge of or examination of the facts, i.e. bias. Prejudice
T/F: A person is nevertheless criminally responsible for causing a result if the only difference between what actually occurred and what he desired, or risked is that a different offense was committed or a different person or property was injured... TRUE
If a Sheriff or other officer shall willfully refuse or fail from neglect to execute any summon, subpoena or attachment for a witness, or any other legal process which is made his duty by law...Fine amounts. $10-$200
City courts have jurisdiction over all criminal cases arising under city ordinance (other than fire safety, zoning, public health and sanitation) where punishment is by fine only, not to exceed... $500
The Amendment to the Constitution that provides that all the rights and liberties of the Bill of Rights will be accorded to citizens of the states and that states must abide by the Bill of Rights is... 14th Amendment
The requirement that a person not be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on presentment of indictment of a grand jury is contained in which amendment? 5th Amendment
Lisa abducts a child and demands a ransom for the child's safe release. Lisa gets scared and, before the ransom is paid, releases the child unharmed. What offense has Lisa committed? Aggravated Kidnapping
Community Policing is a new philosophy of policing, based on the concept that police officers and ____ work together Private Citizens
True or False: An operator may not drive to the left side of the roadway if the operator is awaiting access to a ferry operated by the Texas Transportation Commission. TRUE
List alternative methods of establishing proof of financial responsibility. Self insurance, Deposit, Surety bond, Deposit with County Judge
Lisa is intoxicated and on a deserted county road. She slams into a light pole and breaks her neck. She is transported to the hospital, and while there an officer requests a blood sample. Lisa refuses. Can the officer require a sample to be taken? NO!!!!!!
Joe and his wife get into a fight. Joe goes to the bar and gets extremely intoxicated. While driving home, he sees his wife on the sidewalk and decides to run her over. Is this Intoxication Manslaughter? NO!!!!!! It was not by accident or mistake.
According to the Penal Code, if a man makes a 16 year old girl a prostitute, what offense has he committed? Compelling Prostitution
When a magistrate sits for the purpose of inquiring into a criminal accusation against any person, this is called a/an... An Examining Court
When investigating a crime at a school, law enforcement officers should... Inform the principal or the person in charge at the school what has happened
T/F: To "Arrest violators without warrant" is an objective of the CCP? FALSE
T/F: A child may be held in jail with adults arrested for or charged with a crime if no separate juvenile facility is available? FALSE
T/F: Prejudiced persons should not be police officers? FALSE
A person driving a pickup truck backs up in a parking lot without first looking and collides with another vehicle worth $18,000 causing $1,000 worth of damage. What offense has occurred? Reckless Damage or Destruction (Class C)
In 1999, the Texas legislature enacted a statue that creates a state-wide database operated by ___ that contains information on gangs and gang members. A state task force
A person in the course of committing theft, and with the intent to obtain or maintain control of property, he intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly places another in fear of imminent bodily injury or death (Offense) Robbery
You can frisk if there is ___ that the suspect may be in possession of a weapon Reasonable Fear
The professional behavior with peace officers and others in the criminal justice system needs to come closer to "ideal" ethical behavior than may be possible in ___ Private Life
The width between the boundary lines of a publicly maintained way any part of which is open to the public for vehicular travel is a: Highway
To drive a bus with a seating capacity of more than 24 passengers, you must have a: Class B CDL License
What is NOT a consideration for points of greatest potential congestion in traffic direction? The speed of the roadway
A person commits an offense of Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon if he intentionally, knowingly or recklessly carries on or about his person a ___ A Handgun, Illegal Knife or a Club - Class A Misdemeanor
In the traditional police service model, most of the workload of patrol officers and detectives consists of handling crimes that have already been committed, disturbances in progress and traffic violations. This describes a... Reactive Response
A vehicle passing another vehicle to the left shall return to an authorized lane before coming within ___ feet of approaching vehicles 200ft
What best defines the term "physical courage" (Don't count this one as a miss, it's one of those "best choice" answers. Just learn the definition) Courage is the state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger with confidence, resolution, bravery and valor
A commitment is an order signed by ___ The magistrate
What are some indicators that verbal persuasion is no longer working while trying to maintain control of a situation? The Subject Combines Aggressive Actions And Words, Or Runs Away
A person may not be prosecuted for or convicted of an offense (other than perjury aggravated perjury or traffic offenses) that he/she committed when: Younger Than 17 Years Of Age, Unless Juvenile Court Waives Jurisdiction
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