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1000 KOREAN WORDS : Korean, Romanized translitteration and english

것 A thing or an object geos
하다 To do hada
있다 To be issda
수 way, method, Number su
하다 To do hada
나 I na
없다 Do not exist, absent eobsda
않다 To not do anhda
사람 Person salam
우리 we, our uli
그 He, That geu
아니다 To not be anida
보다 To try boda
거 thing geo
보다 To see boda
같다 To be similar gatda
주다 To give, to do for a person juda
대하다 To Face, To confront daehada
가다 To go gada
년 Year nyeon
한 One, a single han
말 words, speaking mal
일 Work il
이 A person, a man/woman i
말하다 Speak malhada
위하다 To do for the sake of wihada
그러나 However or but still geuleona
오다 To come oda
알다 To know alda
씨 Mr., MRS. MS. or Miss ssi
그렇다 That is right or yes. geuleohda
크다 To be big, large keuda
일 One day il
사회 culture,society sahoe
많다 many, much manhda
안 ~ not ~ + VERB an
좋다 To be good johda
더 More deo
받다 Receive badda
그것 That thing geugeos
집 House jib
나오다 Come out naoda
그리고 And or and then geuligo
문제 question, problem munje
그런 Such a geuleon
살다 To live salda
저 That jeo
못하다 Be impossible moshada
생각하다 To think saeng-gaghada
모르다 To not know moleuda
속 The inside sog
만들다 To make mandeulda
데 Place, point, instance de
앞 In front of, before ap
경우 A case or an instance gyeong-u
중 The center, the middle jung
어떤 What kind of, what sort of eotteon
잘 Well jal
그녀 She geunyeo
먹다 Eat, chow down on meogda
자신 one’s own self, one’s own body jasin
문화 culture munhwa
원 A unit of south korean money, KRW won
생각 Thought saeng-gag
어떻다 how,what.. do you think of eotteohda
명 Person counter myeong
통하다 Run, lead; flow; go through tonghada
그러다 and so, and then, well geuleoda
그러다 and so, and then, well geuleoda
소리 A sound,noise soli
다시 Again dasi
다른 Different daleun
이런 Such, like this ileon
여자 woman,female yeoja
개 Unit or piece gae
정도 grade,degree jeongdo
다 All, everything da
좀 A little jom
싶다 want,hope sipda
보이다 see,catch sight of boida
가지다 To have or take or hold gajida
함께 Together, with hamkke
아이 Child ai
지나다 pass,elapse,go on jinada
많이 A lot manh-i
시간 Time sigan
너 You neo
인간 A person, a human being ingan
사실 The truth, a fact sasil
나다 To be born nada
이렇다 Like this ileohda
어머니 Mom eomeoni
눈 Eyes nun
뭐 Huh? (2) something mwo
점 Store jeom
의하다 To be due to, owing to uihada
시대 An age,period sidae
다음 Next da-eum
이러하다 Be this way, be like follows ileohada
누구 Who nugu
곳 Place gos
여러 many,various yeoleo
안 Inside an
하나 One hana
세계 World segye
버리다 (following a verb) the verb\’s action is over, perhaps in a sad way beolida
위 The upper part, above wi
운동 Motion, movement undong
퍼센트 Percent peosenteu
학교 School haggyo
자기 Oneself, number one, numerouno, self jagi
가장 Most gajang
대통령 The president daetonglyeong
가지 One of the kind or a sort gaji
시작하다 To start,begin sijaghada
바로 Right, correctly balo
어느 Some, a certain eoneu
그래서 And so accordingly geulaeseo
무엇 That thing,whatever mueos
정부 Government jeongbu
모든 Every one modeun
번 Number, how many times beon
그거 That thing geugeo
돈 Money don
국가 A state or a nation gugga
그런데 But or however geuleonde
날 Day nal
여기 A hobby yeogi
모두 Everybody modu
여성 Female yeoseong
친구 A friend chingu
마음 Heart ma-eum
후 After hu
놓다 Put, place nohda
관계 Connection or relation gwangye
아버지 Father abeoji
남자 Boy namja
어디 Where? eodi
몸 body,physique mom
얼굴 Face eolgul
왜 Why? wae
나타나다 Come out, appear natanada
지역 An area, region jiyeog
다르다 Be different daleuda
모습 shape,body moseub
물 Water mul
만나다 Meet mannada
내다 produce something naeda
보이다 show,let see boida
쓰다 To write sseuda
이것 This thing igeos
없이 Without eobs-i
이번 This time ibeon
길 Road gil
생활 lifestyle,livelihood saenghwal
쓰다 Take (medicine) sseuda
뿐 only,alone,merely ppun
사이 space between 2 points; the relationship between 2 people sai
방법 Way, method bangbeob
새롭다 To be new,novel saelobda
내다 to see through, to make it through sth naeda
앉다 To sit down anjda
처음 First cheoeum
손 The hand son
몇 A few myeoch
그때 Then or at that time geuttae
과정 Process or course gwajeong
삶 Life salm
갖다 To hold gajda
찾다 seek,look for chajda
특히 Especially teughi
시 Time si
이상 More than, above isang
지금 Now jigeum
나가다 To go out nagada
이야기 Conversation, talk iyagi
교육 Education gyoyug
사다 To buy, purchase sada
경제 Economy gyeongje
아직 Still ajig
잡다 seize,catch jabda
같이 Together gat-i
선생님 Teacher seonsaengnim
예술 Art, an art yesul
서다 To stand seoda
못 Cannot mos
역사 History yeogsa
읽다 To read ilgda
결과 Result gyeolgwa
내용 Contents naeyong
물론 Of course mullon
책 A book chaeg
일어나다 To rise, get up il-eona da
당신 Formal you dangsin
시장 market,fair sijang
넣다 Put in, set in neohda
중요하다 To be important,weighty jung-yohada
무슨 What, what kind of museun
느끼다 To feel neukkida
어렵다 To be hard, difficult eolyeobda
힘 Power him
너무 Too much neomu
나라 A country nala
부르다 To call buleuda
의미 A meaning, a sense uimi
자리 seat,spot jali
밝히다 To light up balghida
죽다 die,pass away jugda
이미 Already imi
쪽 Way, direction jjog
정치 Politics jeongchi
국민 The people or a nationality gugmin
생명 Life saengmyeong
얘기 Story yaegi
학생 Student hagsaeng
연구 Research yeongu
엄마 Mamma eomma
이름 Name ileum
하나 One hana
내리다 Descend naelida
사건 An event,incident sageon
및 As well as mich
쉽다 To be easy swibda
짓다 To make, build ; to form a line (a group) jisda
이유 Reason iyu
필요하다 To need pil-yohada
글 words, a verse geul
생기다 arise,occur,happen saeng-gida
사용하다 To use sayonghada
남편 Husband nampyeon
밖 The outside bakk
세상 The world,society sesang
작다 Small jagda
타다 Ride (bus) tada
대학 University daehag
작품 A work of art jagpum
상황 State of things sanghwang
가운데 In the middle gaunde
보내다 Send bonaeda
즉 namely,that is to say jeug
상태 condition,state sangtae
이후 After that ihu
당시 At that time dangsi
문학 Literature munhag
더욱 More and more deoug
아주 Extremely aju
지방 A locality, district jibang
밤 Night bam
높다 High nopda
최근 Recently choegeun
채 As it is, no change chae
현실 Actuality, reality hyeonsil
환경 Environment hwangyeong
컴퓨터 Computer keompyuteo
먼저 First meonjeo
다니다 Go to and from a aplace danida
얼마나 How many, how much eolmana
자체 one’s own body jache
열다 Open yeolda
머리 Head meoli
묻다 to Ask mudda
남다 Remain, be left over namda
부분 part,portion bubun
기업 An enterprise or business gieob
변화 Change, transformation byeonhwa
아들 son,baby adeul
아 Oh dear a
선거 An election seongeo
관하다 Refer to or be about gwanhada
분 Minutes bun
그냥 Just because or in that condition geunyang
나누다 To divide nanuda
이용하다 To use, make use of iyonghada
거의 Almost or nearly geoui
곧 Soon god
중심 The nucleus, the focus, the heart jungsim
활동 Activity hwaldong
오늘 Today oneul
서로 mutually,one another seolo
관심 Concern or interest gwansim
역시 As expected, likewise yeogsi
이거 This thing igeo
애 A baby, or a slightly derogative word for person ae
광고 Advertisement gwang-go
나다 To come out, grow, spring up nada
방 A room bang
정신 mind,spirit jeongsin
이르다 To reach, arrive, get at ileuda
이루다 Accomplish, complete iluda
아침 Morning achim
웃다 To laugh, smile usda
현상 The present situation, state hyeonsang
기술 Art or technique or ability gisul
전체 The whole, the entire section jeonche
그래 So or yes or that’s right geulae
얻다 Get, obtain eodda
아름답다 To be beautiful aleumdabda
끝 The end kkeut
민족 race,nation,people minjog
간 The interval between gan
조사 investigation,inquiry josa
듯 To be like something deus
입 Mouth ib
뭐 Huh? (2) something mwo
그대로 Like that geudaelo
영화 A movie yeonghwa
필요 Need, requirement,necessity pil-yo
줄 way,method jul
하늘 The sky haneul
년대 Year nyeondae
과학 Science gwahag
자연 Nature jayeon
정말 Really jeongmal
구조 Construction or structure gujo
결국 After all or in the end gyeolgug
밥 Rice, a meal bab
입다 To wear ibda
오히려 Rather,preferably ohilyeo
프로그램 Program peulogeulaem
네 Yes ne
이루어지다 Get accomplished, achieved ilueojida
남 Others, other people nam
하루 A day halu
그림 A picture geulim
적 The time,the occasion,when jeog
터 one’s status, one’s lot teo
마시다 To drink masida
치다 to attack, assault chida
혼자 Alone honja
나가다 To advance, proceed, go forward nagada
이제 Now ije
교수 Teaching or instruction gyosu
술 Alcohol sul
사랑 Love salang
전화 Telephone jeonhwa
끝나다 To draw to a close or to end kkeutnada
맞다 Be right, correct; to match, be fitting for majda
아빠 Dad appa
걸리다 To be hung up or suspended geollida
지키다 Protect, maintain jikida
한번 Once hanbeon
커피 Coffee keopi
가슴 Chest gaseum
길다 To be long gilda
바라보다 Look at, watch ; to look forward to, hope for balaboda
알아보다 To investigate, examine, search al-aboda
맛 Flavor mas
대부분 Most daebubun
산업 Industry san-eob
매우 Very maeu
오르다 Go up, climb, ascend oleuda
음식 Food eumsig
표정 Facial expression, look pyojeong
꼭 For sure kkog
일부 A part, a portion ilbu
요즘 Recently, nowadays yojeum
계획 A plan or a project gyehoeg
느낌 Touch, feel neukkim
얼마 How many, how much eolma
고개 The nape of the neck gogae
성격 Personality ; character, nature seong-gyeog
계속 Continuously gyesog
세기 Century segi
세우다 Stand up, erect se-uda
아내 Wife anae
가족 Family gajog
현재 The present time, now, at present hyeonjae
세 Three se
발전 Development baljeon
차 A vehicle, train/auto car cha
놀다 Play, amuse oneself nolda
향하다 To face, look out on hyanghada
관련 Relation or connection or reference gwanlyeon
형태 Form, shape hyeongtae
각 Each or every gag
도시 City dosi
작업 Work jag-eob
분위기 atmosphere,surroundings bun-wigi
그러하다 To be so or right geuleohada
나이 Age nai
우선 First of all, before everything useon
믿다 Believe midda
바꾸다 change,exchange bakkuda
낳다 To give birth nahda
바 A thing, what ba
정보 information,intelligence jeongbo
열리다 Open, be opened, be unlocked yeollida
좋아하다 To like, be fond of joh-ahada
그리다 Picture or draw a picture geulida
만큼 Of that amount mankeum
배우다 To learn baeuda
시 Poetry, lines of verse si
역할 A part, a role yeoghal
옆 Next to yeop
행동 Action, behavior haengdong
어 Oh, well, why eo
국내 Inside the country gugnae
비하다 Compare to bihada
기관 An engine or a machine gigwan
입장 A position, situation ibjang
만하다 Be of the extent of manhada
예 Example ye
아래 The bottom, the lower part alae
방식 A form, method, process bangsig
영향 Influence, consequences yeonghyang
그럼 Certainly or of course. geuleom
나서다 Come out, come forth naseoda
흐르다 Flow, stream heuleuda
저 Uh, well, … jeo
깊다 Deep gipda
배 A boat (boating) bae
내 Inside nae
모양 A shape, form moyang
산 A mountain san
새 New sae
하지만 But, nevertheless hajiman
조건 condition,stipulation jogeon
문 Door mun
꽃 Flower kkoch
단계 A step, phase dangye
올리다 Raise, lift up ollida
그동안 During that time geudong-an
교사 Instructor gyosa
갑자기 Suddenly gabjagi
넘다 Cross or go across neomda
지니다 Carry with, hold, possess jinida
바람 Wind balam
잘하다 To do well jalhada
마을 Town ma-eul
어리다 To be very young, juvenile eolida
대표 Representative daepyo
가능성 Possibility ganeungseong
방향 Direction banghyang
대회 A great meeting daehoe
목소리 Voice mogsoli
노래 Song nolae
바다 Sea bada
힘들다 To be hard, difficult himdeulda
공부 Study gongbu
움직이다 To move, stir umjig-ida
의원 A member uiwon
노력 Effort nolyeog
전혀 entirely,utterly,completely jeonhyeo
언니 Older sister eonni
단체 A corps, a group danche
분 One part bun
알려지다 To become known allyeojida
가능하다 To be possible ganeunghada
능력 Ability, capability, how much and how well neunglyeog
주장하다 To assert,maintain jujanghada
자식 one’s children jasig
불 Fire bul
주민 inhabitants,dwellers jumin
모으다 gather,get together mo-euda
자료 materials,data jalyo
존재 Existence jonjae
학년 A school year hagnyeon
신문 A newspaper sinmun
가지다 Entertain or hold or have gajida
이해하다 To understand ihaehada
제품 Manufactured goods jepum
분야 Field bun-ya
선생 Teacher seonsaeng
사업 Business sa-eob
행위 An act, deed, behavior haeng-wi
수준 Level sujun
지난해 Last year jinanhae
표현 Verbal expression, representation, manifestation pyohyeon
기분 Mood gibun
대 Era, period dae
젊다 To be young,youthful jeolmda
옷 Clothes os
기능 Function or functionality gineung
순간 A moment,a second sungan
전쟁 War jeonjaeng
전 Before jeon
꿈 A Dream kkum
할머니 Grandmother halmeoni
회의 A meeting, a conference hoeui
방송 Broadcast bangsong
이야기하다 To talk iyagihada
나무 Tree namu
자다 To sleep jada
연극 drama,a play yeongeug
마찬가지 The same machangaji
걷다 To walk geodda
노동 Labor, work nodong
이때 At this time, moment ittae
과거 The past gwageo
가치 Price gachi
시간 a Length of time (한시간 동안) sigan
집단 A group, a collective body jibdan
현대 The present age, times hyeondae
살펴보다 Watch closely salpyeoboda
장관 A government cabinet minister jang-gwan
차이 difference,disparity chai
풀다 Untie, loosen ; to melt into pulda
시절 season,time,occasion sijeol
물건 A thing mulgeon
직접 Directly jigjeob
개인 Private or individual gaein
근데 But or however geunde
발 Foot bal
작가 writer,author jagga
효과 Effect, effectiveness hyogwa
불교 Buddhism bulgyo
끌다 Pull kkeulda
대로 Like, according to daelo
빨리 Quickly ppalli
시작되다 To begin,start sijagdoeda
말다 Cease malda
설명하다 To explain seolmyeonghada
우주 The universe uju
시기 An opportunity,chance sigi
마치 As though, as if machi
살 Years old sal
생산 1) production 2)birth saengsan
바라다 Wish, hope balada
강하다 To be strong or powerful ganghada
경험 Experience or undergo or suffer gyeongheom
음악 Music eum-ag
최고 The best choego
나타내다 Show, display natanae da
아프다 To hurt apeuda
적다 To be small, few in number jeogda
비 Rain bi
고향 Hometown gohyang
놀라다 Be surprised nollada
다양하다 To be various, diverse dayanghada
울다 To cry, weep ulda
농민 A farmer nongmin
은행 A bank eunhaeng
지내다 To pass, spend time jinaeda
결혼 Marriage gyeolhon
법 A law, the law beob
소설 A novel, fiction story soseol
예 Yes, certainly, right ye
오후 The afternoon ohu
질서 Order, system jilseo
담다 Put in a bottle damda
모이다 Meet, assemble moida
시민 Residents of a city simin
회장 Chariman, the president hoejang
빠르다 Be fast, quick ppaleuda
스스로 On its own, of its own free will seuseulo
아기 baby,infant agi
아저씨 Sir, calling an unknown male ajeossi
옛날 Ancient times, antiquity yesnal
이날 Today, this day inal
제대로 As properly is suitable jedaelo
달 The moon dal
던지다 To throw deonjida
참 really,truly cham
공간 Space or room gong-gan
이곳 This place, here igos
마지막 Last, final majimag
벌이다 (1) to plan to start a job/project (2) to play a table game beol-ida
병원 Hospital byeong-won
자세 Position, posture jase
강조하다 Place empasis upon gangjohada
경찰 The police gyeongchal
맡다 Take charge of matda
저녁 Evening jeonyeog
한편 One side, one way hanpyeon
그러면 If so or if that is the case geuleomyeon
기자 A journalist gija
넓다 Broad neolbda
시험 A test siheom
잠 Sleep jam
주로 principally,mainly julo
훨씬 By far, very much so hwolssin
면 Side myeon
통일 Unification tong-il
건강 Health geongang
가깝다 Close gakkabda
건물 Building geonmul
시설 establishment,institution siseol
외국 A foreign country oegug
밑 The bottom mit
어른 A man, an adult eoleun
주변 A circumference jubyeon
대신 Instead of daesin
원인 A cause,a factor won-in
팔다 To sell palda
차례 (1) order,precedence (2) one time, one round chalye
군 An army gun
열심히 Enthusiastically,with zeal yeolsimhi
일하다 To work, labor ilhada
재산 property,fortune, assets, possessions jaesan
팀 Team tim
부모 Parents bumo
약간 Somewhat yaggan
언어 language,speech eon-eo
요구하다 To demand,claim,request yoguhada
올라가다 To go up, ascend ollagada
첫 First cheos
감독 The director gamdog
그날 That day or that same day geunal
사실 Actually, really sasil
자주 Always, constantly jaju
당하다 Have, encounter danghada
삼다 Make a thing of samda
약 About, approximately yag
기간 A period or a time or gigan
담배 Tobacco dambae
일으키다 Riase, get up; start, commence il-eukida
일단 Temporarily ildan
할아버지 Grandfather hal-abeoji
조직 Organization (composition, structure) jojig
태어나다 To be born, see the light of day taeeonada
공장 Construction site gongjang
벌써 Already beolsseo
즐기다 Enjoy oneself,take pleasure,delight jeulgida
지 since,from ji
환자 A patient hwanja
변하다 Change byeonhada
사고 An accident sago
그래도 All the same geulaedo
아무리 However much amuli
맞추다 Adjust, adapt majchuda
쌀 Uncooked rice ssal
일반 universal,common,usual ilban
재미있다 interesting,fun jaemiissda
가르치다 To teach galeuchida
대화 Conversation daehwa
막다 Stop, obstruct magda
올해 This year olhae
형 An elder brother hyeong
달리 Differently dalli
버리다 Throw away beolida
붙이다 affix,put on but-ida
인물 A man, a person inmul
늘 Always neul
모두 everything modu
전국 The whole country jeongug
마치다 Finish, complete machida
전 all,every jeon
다만 Only, merely daman
도움 Help doum
가정 Famly gajeong
걸다 Hang up or suspend geolda
빠지다 To fall into ppajida
멀다 To be far meolda
버스 Bus beoseu
오늘날 These days, nowadays oneulnal
잠시 For a little while jamsi
농업 Agriculture nong-eob
대다 Put, place up to daeda
식 form,style sig
의견 An opinion,a suggestion uigyeon
무대 Stage mudae
사진 Picture sajin
주장 assertion,insistance jujang
표현하다 To express, make known by saying pyohyeonhada
인하다 To be due to, caused by inha da
이상하다 To be strange,queer isanghada
제일 The first jeil
붙다 Stick, adhere to butda
아마 Probably ama
얘기하다 To tell a story yaegihada
잇다 Join, connect isda
조금 A little jogeum
경기 Race or match or contest gyeong-gi
목적 goal,purpose mogjeog
태도 attitude,comportment taedo
남성 Male namseong
주위 The circumference,the girth juwi
대책 Countermeasure daechaeg
그만 That much or a little amount geuman
발생하다 Originate, come from balsaenghada
다리 Leg dali
아무 anybody,everybody amu
어쩌다 By chance, accident eojjeoda
재료 stuff,material jaelyo
각각 Each and every gaggag
결코 Never or by no means gyeolko
옮기다 Move, transfer (2)(sickness) communicate, transfer to olmgida
항상 Always hangsang
해 A year hae
잃다 To lose, to miss, to be deprived ilhda
자유 Freedom jayu
책임 Responsibility chaeg-im
바뀌다 Be changed bakkwida
비슷하다 To resemble biseushada
심하다 To be extreme,intense simhada
경쟁 Competition or rivalry gyeongjaeng
사랑하다 To love salanghada
아니 No! ani
여름 summer,summertime yeoleum
자라다 To grow up jalada
회 A time, an inning, a round in a game hoe
구체적 Concretely guchejeog
기회 An opportunity gihoe
실시하다 To enforce,put into effect silsihada
지구 The earth jigu
번째 How many times beonjjae
소비자 A consumer sobija
싫다 To not like, to hate silhda
규모 Scale or scope or structure gyumo
기준 A standard or basis gijun
말 End mal
반드시 Most certainly bandeusi
셈 An intention,design,purpose sem
갖추다 Make or get ready or prepare gajchuda
그러니까 And so it is that geuleonikka
받아들이다 Accept bad-adeul-ida
값 Price gabs
현장 on site, on location, at the site in question hyeonjang
건설 Construction geonseol
꺼내다 To get out or draw out kkeonaeda
노동자 Laborer, worker nodongja
언제나 everytime,always eonjena
완전히 completely,perfectly wanjeonhi
자동차 Car jadongcha
전하다 To transmit,convey jeonhada
존재하다 To exist jonjaehada
개월 Each and every month gaewol
맞다 receive,welcome (note, usually this is 맞히다) majda
별로 Especially, particularly byeollo
어린이 A youngster, a child eolin-i
정하다 To set,determine jeonghada
한마디 One word hanmadi
유지하다 To preserve, maintain yujihada
이데올로기 Ideology ide-ollogi
공부하다 To study gongbuhada
대중 The masses daejung
늘어나다 Grow longer neul-eona da
닦다 Wipe clean, polish dakkda
만 As many as, full, complete man
말씀 Speech malsseum
괜찮다 To be okay gwaenchanhda
눈물 A tear nunmul
각종 All sorts or varieties gagjong
빛 Light bich
아니 Not ani
피하다 avoid,keep away pihada
거치다 Pass or go through geochida
나아가다 Advance, go forward naaga da
야 (Word to get somebody’s attention) Hey!! (2) impolite speech for 이다, to be ya
지식 Knowledge, information jisig
여전히 As it used to be, as before ; still, persistently, even still yeojeonhi
주인 The head of a family,the owner ju-in
발견하다 To discover balgyeonhada
선 A line, a route seon
인류 The human race inlyu
특징 A special feature, a distinguishing feature teugjing
선수 An athlete seonsu
형식 A form, formality, mold hyeongsig
마련하다 To plan, arrange malyeonhada
반 Half ban
발표하다 To announce balpyohada
주제 Subject, theme, topic juje
걸치다 1) put a thing over or across 2) to range from A to B geolchida
겪다 Experience or undergo or suffer gyeokkda
관점 A point of view or a standpoint/outlook gwanjeom
귀 Ear gwi
기본 A foundation gibon
미터 Meter miteo
사라지다 To disappear salajida
어떠하다 To be how eotteohada
감정 Feelings gamjeong
기억 A memory gieog
놈 A fellow nom
인기 Popularity ingi
배 Abdomen bae
아파트 Apartment apateu
가끔 Sometimes gakkeum
구성 Organization or constitution , the framework of something guseong
술 Spoonful sul
실제로 In reality siljelo
짧다 Short, brief jjalbda
고맙다 To thank gomabda
관리 Management or administration gwanli
그곳 That place geugos
보다 More than, greater than …. boda
비롯하다 begin,start biloshada
과연 Just as one thought gwayeon
달리다 run, make do fast dallida
바쁘다 Busy bappeuda
이전 Former days/times ijeon
인정하다 To acknowledge,authorize injeonghada
자 A person ja
중앙 The middle and the heart jung-ang
나쁘다 To be bad nappeuda
불구하다 Deformity, malformation bulguhada
시키다 To make sikida
게임 Game geim
국제 International gugje
그룹 Group geulub
인생 Life insaeng
전통 tradition,convention jeontong
기르다 Educate or train or cultivate gileuda
잔 A cup, wine glass jan
조사하다 To examine,investigate josahada
커다랗다 To be very big/large keodalahda
있다 To be issda
시인 A poet siin
언제 when,at what time eonje
외 Except, save for oe
평가 Evaluation, appraisal pyeong-ga
내려오다 Come down naelyeooda
위치 A position, a location wichi
줄이다 reduce,decrease jul-ida
가격 Price gagyeog
달라지다 To change, vary dallajida
비다 To be empty, vacant bida
삼국 Three countries samgug
손님 Customer sonnim
원하다 To want wonhada
통신 communications,correspondance tongsin
확인하다 To confirm,corroborate hwag-inhada
모임 A group, a party moim
수 The number of sth su
웃음 Laughter, a smile us-eum
기계 An instrument or a machine gigye
모양 signs,indications moyang
물질 matter,material muljil
아나운서 Announcer anaunseo
뉴스 News nyuseu
살아가다 Lead a life, get along sal-a gada
펴다 Spread out, unfold pyeoda
배 Times, x-fold bae
수업 school,teaching sueob
겨울 Winter gyeoul
종교 religion,a faith jong-gyo
층 floor,grade,class cheung
자연스럽다 To be natural jayeon seuleobda
장 One piece of sth flat jang
식사 A meal sigsa
안다 To hold, embrace anda
이해 Understanding ihae
잊다 To forget ijda
제시하다 To present jesihada
반 Group, company, party ban
불과하다 Nothing more than bulgwahada
혹은 If that’s not the case hog-eun
엄청나다 To be absurd,wild,terribly large eomcheongna da
편 Direction, way (the wind is blowing that ~) pyeon
텔레비전 Television tellebijeon
파악하다 Grasp, seize, understand paaghada
편 Compilation, editing pyeon
실천 Practice silcheon
노력하다 To try hard, strive nolyeoghada
보호 protection,shelter boho
씻다 To wash,cleanse ssisda
늦다 To be late (time) neujda
이웃 The neighborhood ius
편지 Letter pyeonji
공동 Association or union or collaboration gongdong
까닭 Reason kkadalg
방안 A plan, scheme bang-an
센티미터 Centimeter sentimiteo
팔 An arm pal
분명하다 To be clear/obvious bunmyeonghada
분석 Analysis bunseog
소녀 A young girl sonyeo
지나가다 To pass, elapse jinaga da
차 order,sequence,degree cha
상품 Product sangpum
설명 Explanation seolmyeong
훌륭하다 To be excellent hullyunghada
관계자 The interested or affected parties gwangyeja
새로 newly,anew saelo
세 Age in years se
이어지다 Get joined, be connected ieojida
티브이 TV tibeu-i
봄 Spring bom
종류 kind,sort,species jonglyu
낮다 Be low najda
어깨 Shoulder eokkae
부부 Man and wife bubu
오래 Long, for a long time olae
요구 A demand, claim, request yogu
키우다 To raise, bring up, rear kiuda
눕다 Lie down nubda
발전하다 To develop, grow baljeonhada
여행 Trip yeohaeng
죽음 Death jug-eum
고통 Suffering or agony gotong
공 Ball gong
어울리다 To be becoming, suiting eoullida
오월 May owol
쉬다 to relax, take a break swida
알리다 To inform, tell a person allida
차다 To be full, to be filled with (PASSIVE) chada
과 A lesson or a section or a department gwa
멀리 Far away meolli
빼다 Pull out, extract ppaeda
예정 A program, schedule yejeong
오빠 Older brother oppa
즐겁다 Be pleasant,agreeable jeulgeobda
한계 Boundary, limits hangye
흔히 Generally, commonly ; often heunhi
바탕 Natural disposition ; to go all out in a fight, 아주 크게 싸우다 ; the background batang
사월 April sawol
싸우다 To fight ssauda
예쁘다 Pretty, lovely yeppeuda
갈등 Conflict or troubles galdeung
느껴지다 Feel neukkyeoji da
의지 will,volition uiji
전문 A specialty jeonmun
정확하다 To be exact jeonghwaghada
초기 The early days, the initial period chogi
나중 The last, the latter part najung
맛있다 Delicious mas-issda
며칠 How many days myeochil
쓴 맛 see 6000 sseun mas
찾아오다 To go meet somebody, to go get sth chaj-aoda
미 beauty,grace mi
사용 use,emply sayong
시선 one’s line of vision siseon
아무런 No sort of amuleon
언론 A speech, discussion eonlon
투자 Investment tuja
지원 helping, supporting, aiding jiwon
결정하다 To decide gyeoljeonghada
경영 Management or administration gyeong-yeong
목표 goal,object mogpyo
성장 Growth seongjang
숲 Forest sup
없어지다 To lose, get lost eobs-eoji da
작년 Last year jagnyeon
내려가다 To go down naelyeo gada
미치다 To reach michida
새벽 dawn,daybreak saebyeog
쓰레기 Garbage sseulegi
얼른 Fast, quickly, rapidly eolleun
임금 Wages, pay imgeum
피해 Damage pihae
한 A limit han
무섭다 fearful,dreadful museobda
직장 one’s work place jigjang
참다 Bear, endure chamda
크기 Size, dimensions keugi
고기 Meat gogi
남기다 To leave behind namgida
서양 The Western countries seoyang
주요 The major, the chief thing juyo
가져오다 To bring or get gajyeooda
냄새 Smell naemsae
부드럽다 soft,tender budeuleobda
여기다 Think, consider as yeogida
이 this,this thing i
공연 A public performance gong-yeon
남녀 Man and woman namnyeo
내놓다 Put out, take out naenohda
만들어지다 Make, create mandeul-eojida
속도 Speed sogdo
심각하다 seriousness,gravity simgaghada
준비 Preparation junbi
계속되다 To continue gyesogdoeda
구월 September guwol
맑다 clean,pure malgda
소년 A boy sonyeon
소식 News, information sosig
유월 June yuwol
작용 Application jag-yong
허리 The waist, the small of the back heoli
골 Goal gol
공업 The industry or manufacturing industry gong-eob
그중 Among the rest of them geujung
노인 Old person noin
벌다 To earn (money) ; (2) to invite, to bring onto oneself beolda
살리다 1) revive, bring around, restore to life 2) save,spare,rescue sallida
새 A bird sae
영어 The english language yeong-eo
출신 A native, place one is from chulsin
결정 A decision or determination gyeoljeong
경향 Tendency or trend gyeonghyang
기록 A record or a document gilog
나름 Depending on naleum
대답하다 To answer, reply daedabhada
반면 One side banmyeon
썰다 Chip, mince,dice sseolda
움직임 movement,motion,activity umjig-im
이미지 Image imiji
터지다 Break, be torn, get away from teojida
특성 A special/unique characteristic (individuality making, peculiarity) teugseong
교장 Principal gyojang
벗다 Take off, remove beosda
업무 Buisness, duty eobmu
입시 An entrance examination ibsi
준비하다 To prepare junbihada
청소년 Young boys and girls, teenagers cheongsonyeon
응 Yes, i see! eung
이기다 To win igida
찾아보다 To go meet somebody chaj-aboda
취하다 To adopt, assume, take chwihada
다루다 Treat, deal with daluda
달 The moon dal
사장 Company boss sajang
삼월 March sam-wol
그렇지만 But or however geuleohjiman
선배 one’s senior seonbae
업체 A business enterprise eobche
키 stature,height ki
구하다 1) To buy or purchase or 2) look for or seek or want guhada
국회 The National Assembly gughoe
그러므로 So or hence or therefore geuleomeulo
포함하다 To include,contain pohamhada
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