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Ch. 14 Vocabulary

LatinEnglishPart of Speech
ago I drive verb
ars a/the skill noun
celerrimē very quickly adverb
cessō I am idle verb
cessāre to be idle verb
cisium a/the light two-wheeled carriage noun
commotus moved adjective
commota moved adjective
commotum moved adjective
concidere to fall down verb
concido I fall down verb
culpa a/the fault noun
cunctī all noun
devertēbat he began to turn aside verb
extrahere to drag out verb
extraho I drag out verb
frustrā in vain adverb
gaudēre to be glad verb
gaudeō I am glad verb
haerēre to stick verb
haereō I stick verb
incolumis unhurt adjective
interpellāre to interrupt verb
interpellō I interrupt verb
movēre to move verb
moveō I move verb
noster our adjective
nostra our adjective
nostrum our adjective
periculum a/the danger noun
placidē peacefully adverb
quod which pronoun
tuā culpā by your fault adjective and noun
Tune? Were you…? pronoun
spectābas you were watching verb
Tune . . . spectābas? Were you watching? pronoun and verb
cunctōrum of all adjective
artis of the skill noun
culpae of the fault noun
periculī of the danger noun
cisiī of the light two-wheeled carriage noun
agere to drive verb
Created by: magistracohen