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Awesome - Twitter

Things I don't know on the Twitter feed

Painful abduction of arm beyond 120 degrees? AC joint arthritis
Which drug will NOT cause hyperglycemia? B blocker, niacin, HCTZ, statin, ACE inh. ACEi
What is the mechanism of flushing with Niacin? prostaglandin release Pdg2 and pde2"
marijuana effects on DM decreases insulin resistance
how does MJ affect fertility increases prolactin --> inhibition of LHRH release leading to hypogonadotropic hypogonadism
Pain in the shoulder while trying to put the seatbelt on? AC joint arthritis
Etiology of amenorrhea with strenuous exercise? increases prolactin --> inhibition of LHRH release leading to hypogonadotropic hypogonadism
Shoulder pain while showering. Narrowing of glenohumeral joint space glenohumeral arthritis
Hyper segmented neutrophil? B12 def and MDS
Defect in hyperlipidemia Type I - Type II - Type III - type 1 LPL or apo C2 deficiency; type 2 LDL receptor deficiency; type 3 is apo E abnormality
Which hyperlipidemia do you see tuberous xanthomas or yellowish palms? type 3 is apO E abnormality
Hand foot mouth disease. Which Coxsackie virus A or B? A since Annie got it
Pleurodynia & myocarditis - Coxsackie A or B? B-tween the heart and lung
Peak airway pressure and plateau pressure Mucus plug - Pneumo - Cuff leak - Mucous plug - increased peak and normal plateau; Ptx - increased peak and plateau; Cuff leak - decreased peak/plateau
Q. When is the murmur loudest in HCM? a. Valsalva in expiration B. Valsalva in inspiration B. Hocm murmur worsens with less blood. Valsalva ->poor flow into the heart. Lesser blood to left heart during inspiration"
Mid diastolic murmur @ LSB and hyper dynamic impulse at Lt parasternal area? ASD
Q. ethylene glycol poisoning with gap more than 50. wtd fomepizole and HD
What surveillance for pt with history of primary sclerosing cholangitis every year? annual U/S of gallbladder to R/O polyps if a polyp found then Surgery
pt with UC presenting with jaundice - wtd rule out PSC by MRCP. Once present, r/o cholangiocarcinoma. Then US yearly to r/o GB polyps
Best management for Mexican American with calcification and seizure? antiepilectics, not albendazole
How to diagnose neurocystocercosis? non contrast CT -> MRI -> SEROLOGY
Avascular necrosis, which sickle disease? SC disease
Bone marrow finding in Waldenstroms? PlasmacytOID lymphocytes in WaldenstrOIDs IgMacroglobinemia!
What % plasmacytoma in multiple myeloma? more than 10% Plasmacytoma in multiple mye10ma!"
What treatment to start in multiple myeloma? lenalidomide/dex. Bortezomid/dex. or melphalan/pred. Note: do not use melphalan if pt going for BM transplant later.
Where do you see impaired adaptation in the dark? anti androgen therapy. Ex bicalutamide (casodex )
who gets night blindness vitamin A deficiency and also with laser therapy for retinopathy
Basic Calcium phosphate crystals with shoulder pain? Milwaukee shoulder
Calcium Pyro phosphate crystals with knee pain? pseudo gout
Variable birefringence? In what diseases do you see it? Calcium oxalate crystals have variable birefringence. Seen with ESKD and knee swelling.
What is calcium level in tumor lysis syndrome? hyperphosphatemia with secondary hypocalcemia
What is urine dip stick for blood in tumor lysis syndrome? Heme dipstick NEGATIVE in tumor lysis syndrome
Formula for microalbuminuria and what number considered microalbuminuria? urine protein / urine creatinine ratio, more than 0.3 = 30 mg /dl is considered microalbuminuria
Which group of medications have decreased mortality in pulmonary hypertension? Ans. prostaglandin analogues for type 1 pulm arterial HTN - epoprostenol
How to treat GBS? Treat Guillain-Barre with IVIG OR plasmaphoresis. Not BOTH! And NOT steroids
Leading cause of acute pericarditis? s/p cardiotomy
What occurs first in acute pericarditis EKG? ST elevation or T wave inversion? ST elevation first then couple weeks later TWI
Ekg findings in acute pericarditis. What is most sensitive finding? What is most specific finding? ST elevation more sensitive, PR depression more specific
Single test important determinant of pituitary function? FSH
Blood pressure target in diabetics? DM & CKD <140 / 90
What is a responsible for the anion gap acidosis in DKA? beta hydroxybutirate
Preprandial blood glucose in pregnancy? <90
Postprandial blood glucose in pregnancy? 1 hr <140, 2 hrs <120
neuroleptic malignant syndrome - treatment FIRST d/c med SECOND supportive care such as cooling blanket THIRD meds bromo or dantrolene
HIV + no oral thrush, odynophagia. Wtd? oral fluconazole if not better then Egd
Which type of RTA with kidney stones and what kind? distal RTA type 1 mostly and proximal type 2 Calcium phosphate.
Uses of topiramate? seizures, migraine prophylaxis, weight loss
How to measure auto PEEP? pause at the end of expiration
Absent a wave on JVP? Atrial Fibrillation
Mid wall dyskinesia of the right ventricle? PE
Peak pressure 18, plateau pressure 15. What etiology? Ventilator cuff leak
hi or low tidal volume shown to decrease mortality in a ARDS? low tidal volume
One pulse beat normal next beat abnormal following beat normal then again abnormal? Heart failure. Pulsus alternans, NOT electrical alternans in pericardial effusion
Large V waves in left atrium? right atrium? MR, papillary muscle rupture; TR
How to confirm acromegaly? glucose suppression test IGF-1 is for SCREENING and followup
Mechanism of amenorrhea in hypothyroidism? incr. prolactin which inhibits GnRH which decreases FSH/LH AKA. Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. Also seen with Marijuana, marathon runners
Veil in front of left eye? left carotid artery syndrome!
sudden onset of floaters or cobweb where ever they look retinal detachment
Marijuana effects on diabetes? decreased blood glucose, decreased insulin levels
CPAP for who? OSA and CHF
Which vasopressor has shown to decrease mortality in cardiogenic shock? NE
Peak pressure 45, plateau preasure 42. What etiology? pleural effusion / pneumothorax
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