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Comp 1 Crossword


In the course of committing theft and with intent to obtain or maintain control of the property, he intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causes bodily injury to another. Robbery
Offense if person intentionally or knowingly restrains another person. Unlawful Restraint
A working definition of probable cause used by the courts defines probable cause as sufficient specific articulable ____ and circumstances known to the officer that would lead a reasonable officer to believe that the person had committed an offense Facts
A person abducts another person to terrorize a third person Aggravated Kidnapping
Physical pain, illness, or any impairment of physical condition Bodily Injury
Consent is not effective if given by a person who by reason of youth, mental disease or defect, or ____ is known by the actor to be unable to make reasonable decisions. Intoxication
Each party to an offense may be charged with ____ of the offense. Commission
The area in a roadway officially designated for exclusive pedestrian use and that is protected or so marked or indicated by adequate signs as to be plainly visible at all times while so designated. Safety Zone
In case of felony, the officer may break down the door of any house for the purpose of making an arrest, if he be refused admittance after giving notice of his authority and ____ Purpose
A pedestrian who has partially crossed while the "Walk" signal is displayed shall proceed to a sidewalk or ____ while the "Don't Walk" or "Wait" signal is displayed. Safety Island
A municipal or county jail; or a confinement facility operated by or under contract with any division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Secure Correctional Facility
A person intends to cause serious bodily injury and commits an act clearly dangerous to human life that causes the death of an individual. Murder
Aggravated kidnapping is a felony of the ____ degree 1st 5-99 yrs and $10,0000 fine
A written order from a magistrate, directed to a peace officer or other person specially named, commanding him to take the body of the person accused of an offense to be dealt with according to law. Warrant of Arrest
No person may be convicted of this offense except on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court. Treason
An appointed counsel for an indigent defendant has this long to prepare for a proceeding. 10 days
The professional behavior of peace officers and others in the criminal justice system needs to come closer to ____ ethical behavior than may be possible in private life. Ideal
An indictment or information for any misdemeanor may be presented within ____ years from the date of the commission of the offense, and not afterwards. Two years
A vehicle with or without motive power, other than a pole trailer, designed to be drawn by another vehicle and constructed so that part of the vehicle's weight and load rests on or is carried by another vehicle. Semi-trailer
A security given by the accused that he will appear and answer before the proper court the accusation brought against him. Bail
It is the duty of every magistrate to preserve the peace within his jurisdiction by the use of all ____ means. Lawful
The portion of a highway, other than the berm or shoulder, that is improved, designed, or ordinarily used for vehicular travel. Roadway
Bodily injury that creates a substantial risk of death or that causes death, serious permanent disfigurement, or protracted loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ. Serious Bodily Injury
A person intentionally or knowingly abducts another person. Kidnapping
Provides an outlet for projecting one's tensions and frustrations onto other people. Projection
To alter, make complete, execute, or authenticate any writing so that it purports to be the act of another who did not authorize that act. Forge
Any peace officer may arrest, ____ persons found in suspicious places and under circumstances which reasonably show that such persons have been guilty of some felony, violation of Title 9, Chapter 42, Penal Code, breach of the peace.... Without Warrant
____ has a right to prevent the consequences of theft. Any Person
It is an offense to dispose of litter within ____ feet of a public highway. 300ft
A person commits an offense if, without the effective consent of the owner, he recklessly damages or destroys property of the owner. This offense is a ____ Class A Misdemeanor
A pedestrian shall proceed on the right half of a crosswalk ____ If Possible
Unethical conduct on the part of peace officers can result in ____ prosecution. Federal
To discharge, deposit, inject, spill, leak or place litter on or into land or water. Dispose
The CCP provides: "In case of ____ the officer may break down the door of any house for the purpose of making an arrest" Felony
A person intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causes bodily injury to another. Assault
To halt an occupied or unoccupied vehicle, other than temporarily while receiving or discharging passengers. Stand
Generally refers to groups of people with common ancestry and physical characteristics. Race
The forbidden conduct, the required culpability, any required result and the negation of any exception to the offense. Element of Offense
The right to trial by jury shall remain ____ Inviolate
A person who uses or exhibits a deadly weapon during an assault commits a felony of the ____ degree 2nd
A person refusing to obey a subpoena may be fined not to exceed ____ dollars in a misdemeanor case. One Hundred
The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables on to face danger with self-possession, confidence, and resolution; bravery; valor. Courage
To stand an occupied or unoccupied vehicle, other than temporarily while loading or unloading merchandise or passengers. Park
Any penetration of the female sex organ by the male sex organ. Sexual Intercourse
Peace officers from another state may make arrests for felonies in this state when in ____ of person Fresh Pursuit
Peer pressure can work ____ ethical behavior. For
Texas court that has original jurisdiction in felony cases and misdemeanors involving official misconduct. District Court
Much current public and private concern centers on our own ____ or our lack of them. Values
Where it is shown by satisfactory proof to a peace officer, upon representation of a ____ person, that a felony has been committed, and that the offense is about to escape, so that there is no time to secure a warrant, such peace officer may, without.... Credible
A motor-driven cycle that cannot attain a speed in one mile of more than 30mph, the engine cannot produce more than two-brake horsepower, has piston displacement of 50cc or less and does not require the operator to shift gears. Moped
An individual adjudged guilty of a Class A misdemeanor shall be punished by confinement in ____ for up to ____ and a fine not to exceed ____ Jail; one year; $4000
A writ issued by a court of clerk and directed to any peace officer of the State of Texas commanding him to arrest a person accused of an offense and bring him before that court immediately or on a day or at a time stated therein. Capias
"In the course of committing theft" means conduct that occurs in an attempt to commit, during the commission, or in immediate ____ after the attempt or commission of theft. Flight
The width between the boundary lines of a publicly maintained way any part of which is open to the public for vehicular travel. Highway or Street
Anything reasonably regarded as loss, disadvantage, or injury. Harm
A vehicle of a blood or tissue bank when making ____ deliveries of blood, drugs, medicines or organs is an authorized emergency vehicle. Emergency
The four basic feelings or attitudes harbored by most prejudiced persons. 1. Feeling of superiority. 2. Proprietary Claims. 3. Others are strange and different. 4. Fear
Every individual is entitled to equal rights and dignities - they are entitled to them by virtue of being ____ Human
Performed by being objective and ethical in personal behavior and in functioning as a representative of the criminal justice system. Ethical Role
Consent is not effective if induced by force, ____ or fraud. Threat
We should keep our prejudices out of our ____ performance. Job
Fear is ____ to prejudice. Basic
The law must be impartially enforced if it is to reduce this. Crime
A motor vehicle, other than a taxicab, designed and used to transport persons for compensation. Bus
Assent in fact, whether express or apparent. Consent
Wherever a duty is imposed by this Code upon the Sheriff, the same duty may lawfully be performed by his ____. Deputy
The Writ of Habeas Corpus is a writ of ____ and shall never be suspended. Right
A place designated by law for confinement of persons arrested for, charged with, or convicted of an offense. Penal Institution
A vehicle, other than a pole trailer, with or without motive power, designed to be drawn by a motor vehicle and constructed so that no part of the vehicle's weight and load rests on the motor vehicle. Trailer
An indictment for a misdemeanor offense must be presented within ____ from the date the offense occurred. Two years
Ethical people are ____ not born. Made
An individual, corporation or association. Person
It is much easier to hold ____ than to live up to them. Ideals
A person commits an offense if, having custody, care or control of a child younger than ____ years, he intentionally abandons then child in any place under circumstances that expose the child to an unreasonable risk of harm. Fifteen
A mental position based on a person's knowledge, feelings and experiences about someone or something influencing him/her to behave in a certain way in regard to that person or thing. Attitude
Any contact between any part of the genitals of one person and the mouth or anus of another. Deviate Sexual Intercourse
Offense if person intentionally causes the death of an eight year old child. Capital Murder
A person commits and offense if he intentionally or knowingly leaves a child in a motor vehicle for longer than five minutes, knowing that the child is: (1) younger than ____; and (2) not attended by an individual in the vehicle who is ____ years of age. Seven; Fourteen
A manual, electric or mechanical device that alternately directs traffic to stop and to proceed. Traffic Control Signal
No person may, in any case, be punished by death for an offense committed while the person was younger ____ years. 18
Ethnocentrism provides a source of ____ satisfaction. Egotistic
A motor vehicle designed and used to draw another vehicle but not constructed to carry a load independently or a part of the weight of the other vehicle or its load. Road Tractor
A person has 30 days to report a change of ____ address and request a duplicate license. Name or Address
A bodily movement, whether voluntary or involuntary, and includes speech. Act
A street that is not used primarily for through traffic and provides access to rear entrances of buildings or lots along a street. Alley
A person touches the breast of another person in a public place. Public Lewdness
A person commits an offense only if he ____ engages in conduct, including an act, an omission or possession. Voluntarily
A magistrate may issue a warrant of arrest or a ____ in any case where he is by law authorized to order verbally the arrest of an offender. Summons
This person must negate the existence of an exception in the accusation charging commission of the offense and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant or defendant's conduct does not fall within the exception. Prosecuting Attorney
If a sidewalk is not provided, a pedestrian walking along and on a highway shall if possible walk on this side of the roadway. Left. Oncoming traffic side.
In achieving objectivity, it is essential that you not only gather all of the available relevant information on a topic, but that you also strive to establish the ____ of the information. Validity
To completely cease movement. Stop
The ability to be objective is learned and improved with ____ Practice
A person guilty of kidnapping commits a ____ degree felony. 3rd
Includes regulation Rule
Some of the common targets of prejudice. Religion, Gender, Race
Peer pressure can work ____ ethical behavior. Against
A motor vehicle designed, used, or maintained primarily to transport property. Truck
The expression or use of facts without distortion by personal feelings or prejudices. Objectivity
A positive consequence of sensitivity. Respect
A person commits Capital Murder if he murders an individual under ____ years of age 10
A person is aware of the nature of his conduct or that the circumstances exist. He is aware that his conduct is reasonably certain to cause the result. Knowingly
A time limit on "presenting" an indictment for robbery. Five years
Any type of administrative, executive, legislative or judicial proceeding that may be conducted before a public servant. Official Proceeding.
A person is arrested when he has been actually placed under ____ or taken into custody. Restraint
A person whose criminal responsibility is in issue in a criminal action. Actor
The statue of limitation for theft by a public servant. Ten Years
This homicide is caused recklessly. Manslaughter
Proof of a higher degree of culpability than that charged constitutes ____ of the culpability charged. Proof
No warrant to search any place or to seize any person or thing shall issue without describing them as near as may be, nor without probable cause supported by ____ of affirmation Oath
Probable cause amounts to more than a bare suspicion but less than evidence that would justify a ____. Conviction
A vehicle without motive power. Pole Trailer
One half-hour before sunrise until one half-hour after sunset. Daytime
Appeals from county courts are heard here. Courts of Appeals
A person who commits bigamy with a ____ year old person or younger is guilty of a 1st degree felony. Sixteen
Affords a convenient grouping for people of whom one is not knowledgeable. Stereotyping
Adverse consequences of insensitivity. Anger, loss of respect, etc.
The time limit on "presenting" an indictment for "Indecency with a Child" is ____ years. No Limit
To restrain a person with intent to prevent his liberation by secreting or holding him in a place where he is not likely to be found. Abduct.
The duty for a person to register as a sex offender ends when this occurs. Death
With mere suspicion, persons may ____ to answer questions. Refuse
Theft is a state jail felony if, regardless of value, the property is stolen from the person of another or from a human corpse or ____ Grave
Person starts a fire with intent to destroy or damage a fence. Arson
A characteristic of professionalism Service to Others
A person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly operates another's ___, airplane or motor-propelled vehicle without the effective consent of the owner. Boat
One of the Three classifications or interactions between peace officers and civilians: A ___ based on reasonable suspicion. Detention
A vehicle that is not designed or used primarily to transport persons or property and that is only incidentally operated on a highway. Special Mobile Equipment
An act or omission and its accompanying mental state Conduct
One of the three classifications of interactions between peace officers and civilians: An ____ based on probable cause. Arrest
Under arrest by a peace officer or under restraint by a public servant pursuant to an order of a court of this state or another state of the US. Custody
To discharge, deposit, inject, spill, leak or place litter on or into land or water. Dump
Punished by confinement in a state jail for any term of not more than two years or less than 180 days. State Jail Felony
With mere suspicion, persons may be approached and questions asked, but they ____ be detained. May Not
It is an affirmative defense to prosecution that the actor engaged in the proscribed conduct because he was compelled to do so by threat of imminent death or serious bodily injury to himself or another. This is called ____ Duress
Anything reasonably regarded as economic gain or advantage. Benefit
The standards by which police officers are judged, even in their personal lives, are often ____ than those required for other members of society. Higher
Where it is shown by satisfactory proof to a peace officer, upon representation of a credible person, that a felony has been committed, and that the offender is about to escape, so that there is ____ to procure a warrant, such peace officer may ____ No Time; Pursue and Arrest the Accused
A device that can be used to transport or draw a person or property on a highway. Vehicle
The portion of a roadway, including an intersection, designated as a pedestrian crossing by surface markings. Crosswalk
A threat, however communicated to commit an offense or to inflict bodily injury in the future on the person threatened or another. Coercion
An individual adjudged guilty of a Class B misdemeanor shall be punished by a fine not to exceed ____ dollars and confinement in ____ up to ____. Two Thousand; Jail; 180 Days
Refers to shared culture and background. Ethnicity
A self-propelled vehicle or a vehicle that is propelled by electric power from overhead trolley wires. Motor Vehicle
Ethics is concerned with encouraging you to do what you ____ you should do. Know
A law enforcement-initiated action based on an individual's ethnicity or national origin rather than the individual's behavior. Racial Profiling
A peace officer ____ arrest persons who the peace officer has probable cause to believe have committed a violation of Protective Order if the offense is not committed in the presence of the peace officer. May
It is ____ to prosecution that the actor was ignorant of the provisions of any law after the law has taken effect. No Defense
The act of imagining - or of doubt - the apprehension of something without proof, or on slight evidence. Suspicions
A person has this many days to report change of name or address for a duplicate license. Thirty
Failure to act. Omission
If you obey the law, you will set a good example for others and spare your fellow officers the discomfort of having to ____ in your private affairs. Interfere
Every profession must have the ability and the ____ to police itself. Willingness
With mere suspicion, persons may be approached and questions asked, but they may not be required to ____ themselves. Identify
A peace officer ____ arrest, without warrant, a person the peace officer has probable cause to believe has committed a violation of a Protective Order, if the offense is committed in the presence of the peace officer. SHALL
A private vehicle of a volunteer firefighter when responding to a fire alarm or ____ emergency is an authorized emergency vehicle. Medical
To restrict a person's movements without consent, so as to interfere substantially with the person's liberty. Restrain
A device that a person may ride and that is propelled by human power and has two tandem wheels at least one of which is more than 14 inches in diameter. Bicycle
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