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Bradleys Anatomy

Anatomy and Physiology prefixes

macro- large, great
mal- bad, abnormal, disorder
medi- middle
mega- great, large
meso- middle or moderate
meta- after, beyond
micro- small
mito- thread
mono- alone, one, single
morph- form, shape
multi- many, much
myo- muscle
narc- numness, stupor
necro- corpse
neo- new
nephr- kidney
neuro- nerve
noto- back
ob- against, toward, in front of
oc- against
-oid resembling, likeness
oligo- few, small
-oma tumor
oo- egg
or- mouth
orchi- testis
ortho- straight, normal
-ory pertaining to
-ose full of
osteo- bone
oto- ear
ovo- egg
par- give birth to, bear
para- near, beyond, beside
path- disease, that which undergoes sickness
ped- children
pen- need, lack
-penia deficiency
per- through
peri- near, around
phag- to eat
-phil have an affinity for
phleb- vein
-phobia abnormal fear, dread
-plasty reconstruction of
platy- flat, side
-plegia stroke, paralysis
-pnea to breath
-pneumo(n)- lung
pod- foot
-poiesis formation of
poly- many, much
post- after, behind
pre- before in time or place
pro- before in time or place
proct- anus
pseudo- false
psycho- mental
pyo- pus
quad- fourfold
re- back, again
rect- straight
ren- kidney
rete- network
retro- backward, behind
rhin- nose
-rrhagia excessive flow
-rrhea flow or discharge
sanguin- blood
sarc- flesh
-scope instrument for examining a part
-sect cut
semi- half
-sis process or action
steno- narrow
-stomy surgical opening
sub- under, beneath, below
super- above, beyond, upper
supra- above, over
syn- (sym-) together, joined, with
tachy- swift, rapid
tele- far
tens- stretch
tetra- four
therm- heat
thorac- chest
thrombo- lump, clot
-tomy cut
tox- poison
tract- draw, drag
trans- across, over
tri- three
trich- hair
-trophy a state relating to nutrition
ultra- beyond, excess
uni- one
-uria urine
uro- urine, urinary organs or tract
vas- vessel
viscer- organ
vit- life
zoo- animal
zygo- union
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