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steam study

quize questions

of the impurities commonly found in marine lubricating oil, which of the following can NOT be removed by a centrifugal purifier at normal operating temp? soluble sludge
if a soot blower element does not revolve freely, the most likely cause would be ________. war-page of the soot blower element
a rapid fluctuation of the supper heater outlet temp on a steady steaming boiler could indicate___________. water carryover into the supperheater
a boiler safety valve must be capable of_______. remaining open until a preset pressure drop occurs
when a boiler water test indicates a pH value of 6, you should_______. chemically treat to raise the pH to normal level
coast guard reg (46 CFR) requires machinery driving the fuel oil transfer and fuel oil service pumps to be fitted with a remote means of stopping the machinery___________. outside of the space concerned
which of the listed items are the two most commonly used opposing forces involved in the operation of a constant pressure feed pump governor? pump discharge pressure and adjusting spring compression
shortly after shutting off the fuel to a boiler which is to be secured, the___________. burner registers should be closed
which of the pumps is normally used in fuel oil service systems? positive displacement rotory
design characteristics of a velocity-compounded impulse turbine include the utilization of _______. a single pressure stage with two or more velocity stages
if live steam is supplied directly to the tank heating coils, the collected drains in the "clean" section of the contaminated drains tank are removed directly to the _________. atmospheric drain tank
failure to use the turning gear prior to warming up a main turbine will damage the ______. rotory assembly
to avoid pulsations of the burner flame after rebuilding the boiler burner front tile refractory,_______. the burner tile should fitted to the throat ring rather than the surrounding brick work
what refractory materials may be used with other machinery insulation arrangements outside of the boiler? insulating cement
the high pressure steam drain system is normally collected by the ________. deaerating feedwater heater
coast guard reg (46 CFR) for boiler fuel oil service systems, require that _____________. the return line from the burners must be arranged so that suction piping cannot be subject to discharge pressure
the FIRST step in breaking vacuum on a main turbine unit should be to __________. secure the steam to the main air ejector
in a boiler where the drum water level is automatically controlled, which of the following conditions could cause erratic variations in the water level? high total dissolved solids content and foaming in the drum
main steam turbine bearings are lined with _________. babbitt
to comply with coast guard reg (46 CFR) which type of boiler listed shall be subjected to a hydrostatic test at one and one half times max allowable working pressure? all water-tube boilers to which extensive repairs have been made
a turbine assembly in which steam flows in a series through a HP turbine and then on to a LP turbine, with both turbines driving a common reduction gear through separate shafts, is classed as _____. cross-compound
the sentinel valve located on the LP turbine casing is designed to _________. warn the engineer of excessive pressure in the LP casing
the max temp rise of oil passing through any reduction gear set, or bearing, should not exceed ______. 50 deg F (27.8 deg C)
panting or rumbling in a boiler furnace is usually caused by ________. not enough air
prolonged astern operations of a turbine will cause ______. overheating of ahead stages
in a marine boiler, max heat transfer rates can be obtained by ______. keeping the watersides free from scale deposits
the main feed check valve functions to __________. prevent back flow of water from the boiler in the event of feed pump failure
rapid discharge condensate into the DC heater during normal steaming conditions could cause _____. decrease in aux exhaust pressure
the possibility of a flareback in a boiler will be reduced if you ________. purge the furnace with fresh air prior to lighting off
two-element feedwater regulators operate by sensing _________. boiler water level and steam flow
an obstruction in the top connection of a boiler gage glass will cause the __________. water level to to rise slowly in the glass
condensation accumulation in the steam side of a fuel oil heater could result in _______. reduced heating capacity in an operating heater
a turbo-generator back pressure trip can be actuated as a result of __________. insufficient circulating water flow through the condenser
thin tipping is a type of turbine blade design primarily used to ______. reduce losses due to blade tip leakage in reaction turbines
what is one of the devices found on a LP main propultion steam turbine casing? sentinel valve
reaching which "end point" will result in the most sever damage to the boiler? circulation
which possible condition has occurred if a vacuum is present at the atmospheric drain tank vent while the vessel is underway the control valve regulating flow to the main condenser is stuck in an open position
in some lube oil systems, the temp of the lube oil downstream from the lube oil cooler is directly regulated by ________. a thermostatically controlled valve which bypasses oil around the cooler
how is diaphragm type steam whistle protected from damage due to entrained condensation? a water separator is installed in the steam supply line
the term "separation " as used in oil purification refers to the removal of _________. two liquids from eachother
if you noted a large difference in the pressures indicated by a duplex pressure gage to the fuel oil system strainer, you should ________. shift to a clean fuel oil strainer
if while filling the boiler a newly installed gasket on a water-tube hand hole plate weeps, you should ______. center and tighten with correct size wrench
in which of the following types of condensers would you find the cooling water passing through tubes with the turbo-generator exhaust steam directed around the outside of the tubes? surface
as lube oil absorbs moisture its dielectric strength can be expected to ________. decrease
the formation of a pit in the surface of a boiler tube is most likely to occur when ________. the tube acts as an anode
Created by: trowland
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