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Latin terms

exempli gratia e.g. - example as a favour or free
id est i.e. - that is
post meridiem p.m. - after mid day
ergo therefore, consequently, so
ante meridiem a.m. - before mid day
post scriptum p.s. - that which comes after the writing
et al (et alia) and others
et cetera and the rest or remainder
ad infinitum to infinity - to be repeated forever
vice versa in reverse order from the way something has been stated
ad lib (ad libitum) according to pleasure - at your own will
carpe diem seize the day - claw day - carpal bones of the wrist
veni vidi vici I came I saw I conquered
pro tem pro tempore - for the moment/temporary use
quid pro quo a favour or advantage granted in return for something - to earn a quid - wages
ad nauseam to the point of illness - to repeat often
Created by: camwust