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Prefix - Suffix

agri soil
anti against
aqua water
atmo air vapor
audi hear
bi two
bio life
cardio heart
chem chemicals
chloro green
circa/circum around
crani skull
derm skin
endo inside
exo outside
gastro stomach
geo earth
hem/hemo blood
hemi half
hetero different
homo same
hydro water
iso equal
macro large
micro small
mono one
multi many
neuro nerve
ologist one who studies
ology study of
oste bone
paleo old
ped foot
post after
pre before
pseudo false
psych mind
scribe/script write
sol sun
sphere round
spir breath
strat layer
therm temperature
uni one
zoo animal
centi hundredth
deci tenth
hecto hundred
kilo thousand
milli thousandth
Created by: kmurosky