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Introduction to Electrolysis-HI

This term is used to describe "to cook", "to congeal" or "to thicken". Coagulation
This term is used to describe "the removal of moisture". Dessication
What do you call the breakdown of a chemical into its constituent parts so it can be reformed into a new substance? Chemical decomposition
The flash method of thermolysis uses very ____ intensity with very ____ timing High intensity, short timing
What are the two methods of destruction in thermolysis current? 1.) Electrodessication 2.) Electrocoagulation
What does galvanic current not produce? Heat
What is the method of destruction in galvanic electrolysis? Chemical decomposition
What is the chemical compound for hydrochloric acid? HCl
What is the chemical compound for sodium hydroxide? NaOH
This current flows in one direction then changes and flows in the opposite direction. Alternating current (AC)
This current moves in one direction only. Direct current (DC)
This is the only permanent method of hair removal. Electrolysis
What year was high frequency first used for permanent hair removal? 1924
Which two chemicals are produced at the positive pole? 1.) Hydrochloric acid (HCl) 2.) Chlorine gas (Cl)
Which two chemicals are produced at the negative pole? 1.) Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) 2.) Hydrogen gas (H)
Which 5 factors can change current density? 1.) Intensity of current 2.) Probe thickness 3.) Probe shape 4.) Insulation of probe 5.) Depth of insertion
Who were the two people that created the blend technique? 1.) Arthur Hinkel 2.) Henri St. Pierre
What main chemical does the positive pole produce? Hydrochloric acid (HCl)
What are the three other names for galvanic current? 1.) Electrolysis (true) 2.) Direct current 3.) Multiple needle electrolysis
What are the 3 modalities used in electrolysis? 1.) Galvanic 2.) Thermolysis 3.) Blend
Which probe is best for thermolysis current? Tapered (insulated)
Which probes are most commonly used? Stainless steel
What do you call the use of direct current in a solution of salt water that chemically decomposes the solution? Electrolysis
Arthur Hinkel's units of lye chart is based on what two factors? 1.) Area of body 2.) Depth of hair
Who was the first person to use electrolysis for permanent hair removal? Dr. Charles Michel
When treating a client with the blend, what are the three ways thermolysis can improve the action of the lye being created? 1.) Causticity 2.) Porosity 3.) Turbulence
What main chemical does the negative pole produce? Sodium hydroxide (NaOH, also called lye)
Which two factors, together or separately, can change the amount of lye produced when using galvanic current? 1.) Timing 2.) Intensity
What are the five other names for thermolysis? 1.) Alternating current (AC) 2.) High frequency (HF) 3.) Radio frequency (RF) 4.) Shortwave 5.) Diathermy
When treating thick anagen hairs, and you need to treat a telogen hair, what should you do? Turn down intensity
What is a sign of normal healing after treatment? Honey colored crusts
What is the most important at home care that the client can do? Keep the treated area bacteria free
What are the 3 causes of blanching when using thermolysis? 1.) Overtreatment 2.) Shallow insertions 3.) High intensity
If your client has pigmentation issues the treatments should be short and ____. Scattered
When treating the right side of the upper lip, which hand should your client use to hold the positive electrode? Right hand
When treating the upper lip, where should you begin treatment? Start at the corners and work towards the center
How long should you work on a client depends on what two factors? 1.) Area of body 2.) Skin type
What is the most important thing the electrologist must do before beginning treatment? Wash hands
Draping the client helps protect the client and electrologist as well as provide comfort and security, but what does it not provide? Sterilization
When is a dog permitted in the electrology office? With a sightless person
Proper spacing of appointments allows the electrologist to work how? Efficiently
It is the electrologists responsibility to do what with the clients case history card? Make sure it's updated
What is the most important part of the clients case history card? Medical history
In regards to the client, what should be the electrologist's first concern? The clients best interest
What is the most important use of the telephone? Making appointments
What kind of personality should an electrologist have? Pleasing personality
The majority of electrolysis cases begins with what? Telephone call
If you want the probe to produce more heat, while using thermolysis, what should you do? Increase intensity
When you use too short of a needle, what could occur? Regrowth of hair
Which characteristic of the probe has no effect on the electrical current? Color of the probe
In galvanic electrolysis, bulbous probes are usually as effective as what other probe? Straight/Cylindrical probe
What happens to the lye produced in the follicle during galvanic treatment? Diluted and carried away by the bloodstream
When using galvanic, and switching from a larger probe to a smaller probe, what happen to the lye production? It stays the same
When using thermolysis, and increasing the intensity, what happens to the heating pattern? It widens
When comparing a shallow insertion to a deeper insertion, while treating with thermolysis, which one is hotter? Shallow insertion
When comparing a thin probe to a thick probe, while treating with thermolysis, which one is hotter? Thin probe
When using thermolysis, where is the current density usually the greatest around the probe? Probe tip
Where do you discard your probes? Sharps container
What does the insulated needle prevent from happening? Damage to the epidermis
Which probe can be used with all 3 modalities? Two piece/straight/cylindrical probe
The one piece probe is also called what? Tapered probe
The two piece probe is also called what? Straight or Cylindrical probe
What are the 3 different probe shapes? 1.) One piece/Tapered 2.)Two piece/straight/cylindrical 3.) Bulbous
When choosing your needle thickness, what should the needle diameter match? The hair's diameter
All probes must be what? Sterile
Which organization is in charge of monitoring the frequencies that are used in high frequency epilators? Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
How many foot pedals does a manual blend epilator use? 2
Which pole is being used in cataphoresis? Positive pole (anode)
In galvanic, when you multiply the timing by the intensity, what is it that you are trying to determine? The units of lye
What do you call the use of high frequency current and galvanic current either together or separately? The blend
When choosing machine settings, what do you call the highest intensity that the client can comfortably tolerate at the shortest amount of time required to achieve epilation? Working point
What does thermolysis not produce? Chemicals
Created by: ElectricEsti
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