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Florida Law-HI

How many hours of continuing education are required to renew your license? 20 hours
How many council members are needed to make a quorum? 3 members
How long is a council members term of service? And how many terms may be served? 4 years long and 2 terms
Who is in charge of appointing members for the electrolysis council? Board of Medicine
Rules for the practice of electrolysis are adopted by the board of medicine with the help of which group? Electrolysis council
In chapter 478 F.S., "the board" refers to whom? Board of Medicine
What is the main purpose of the law? To protect the public's welfare
What is the fee for a duplicate license? $25
What happens to your temporary permit if you fail the state exam? Permit is revoked
How do you transfer a facility license from one location to another? Both locations(old and new) must pass inspection
The short title of Chapter 478 F.S. is called what? Electrolysis practice act
What does D.O.H. stand for? Department of Health
Which chapter of Florida law governs the administration of the D.O.H.? Chapter 455 F.S. part 2
Who may review the records of the department? Anyone
What does F.A.C. stand for? Florida Administrative Code
List two types of insurances that are recommended for an Electrologist. 1.) Malpractice 2.) Liability
Where should your license be displayed? Conspicuous place (visible place)
What is the fee for the license application? $100
The rules for the practice of electrology are found in which chapter? Chapter 64B8 F.A.C.
What is the range of financial penalties for breaking the rules? $250-$10,000
Who can file a complaint against an Electrologist? Anyone
How many years can a license remain inactive? 4 years
List 3 reasons why a license may be revoked. 1.) Fraud 2.) Gross negligence 3.) Misconduct
How many members are on the electrolysis council? And how many of them are licensed Electrologists? 5 members, 3 licensed
List the 5 requirements for electrolysis licensure in Florida. 1.) Must be 18 years of age 2.) High school Diploma/GED 3.) Good moral character 4.) No outstanding criminal record 5.) Completion of 320 hours of electrolysis school
How many years is the term of licensure? And on what date does licenses expire? 2 years, May 31st of even # years
Who do you file a complaint to regarding an Electrologist? Department of Health
Which chapter of Florida law governs the practice of electrolysis? Chapter 478 F.S.
F.S. is an abbreviation for what? Florida Statute
How does the state of Florida honor out of state licenses to practice electrolysis? By endorsement only, as long as the other states requirements are equivalent to or great than Florida's requirements
Created by: ElectricEsti
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